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April 16, 2014


We were tagged by the lovely @Aimeebelle86 from aimeebelle.weebly.com for 20 quick questions to help you get to know a bit more about us!

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Question 1 ~ Flats or Heels?:

I’d like to say heels but I’m definitely more of a flats girl! Boots, sandals and trainers!

I like to look at heels – does that count? Unfortunately, due to my utter rubbish inner girl, I can’t walk in heels, thus will always opt for the sensible flat, a pair of army boots, flip flops or trainers!

Question 2 ~ What’s Your Fave Nail Polish Brand?:

I can only pick one?! Aghhh! It will have to be a tie between O.P.I and Avon Speed Dry

At the moment (subject to change I’m sure) it’s probably a toss up between O.P.I and Ciaté – I blame the cute bows

Question 3 ~ Top 5 Movies Of All Time?:

Almost Famous, Dogma, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Scarface and The Producers

Oh noes – I’ve always been more of a series fanatic than a movies one but here goes – The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Bulletproof, Wayne’s World, Detroit Rock City and Fight Club (obviously because of the mental health reference!)

Question 4 ~ Fave Male and Female Singer?:

Russell Allan and Floor Janson

Definitely Russell Allen and Tom Englund – as far as female singers go, I’ve never really been a fan of any until Floor Jansen came along, so I’d probably side with Gem on this one.

Question 5 ~ If You Could Take Only 3 Make Up Products To a Desert Island what would they be?:

Concealer, mascara and cream blusher so I can cheat and use it on my lips too!

Compressed Powder, Mascara and some sort of cheek & lip stain (multi-tasking)

Question 6 ~ What’s Your Fave Disney Movie?:

Beauty and the Beast

Since Gemma keeps stealing -all- the good answers – I’m going to mix this up a bit and go for Sleeping Beauty it must be the pink/blue theme they had going on.

Question 7 ~ What’s your Fave High End Make Up Brand?:

Anyone who has been on a night out with me will know that I never shut up about my Dior lipgloss!

I’m going to have to go for Nars – I lust after a lot of their stuff!

Question 8 ~ What’s your Fave Drug Store Make Up Brand?:


I guess I’ll be the one that goes for MUA or Collection then!

Question 9 ~ Describe yourself in 5 words?:

Boisterous, noisy, loyal, excitable and optimistic!

Sarcastic, thoughtful, creative, laid back and organised.

Question 10 ~ Shower or Bubblebath?:

I don’t even have a bath! I took mine out to make room for the double shower ;)

Shower – I absolutely loathe baths!

Question 11 ~ Which 3 Products are on your Wishlist that you would love to try?:

I’ve just posted a wishlist here but if I could only pick three it would be 

Urban Decay Electric Palette [Link] | Sleek Blush in Rose Gold – [Link] | Sleek Garden Of Eden palette – [Link]

Urban Decay Naked 3 (it’s been on there for a while and I can’ justify -another- nude palette yet), I really want to try out the Sleek Face Form palette for contouring and the Illamasqua “I’m the one” collection – obviously because of all that red!

Question 12 ~ What’s your Fave body cream?:

 Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

*Raises an eyebrow in Gemma’s direction* “Get out of my brain!” I’ll choose my second favourite which is The Body Shop’s Honeymania Body Butter.

Question 13 ~ Who Is your Fave Actress and Actor?:

 Such a hard choice! Today’s picks can be Meryl Streep and Ian Mckellen

I don’t have one – I’m not going to lie and make some up!

Question 14 ~ Your no1 Female Role Model and Why?:

I’m going to have to fangirl and say Floor Jansen again, she’s a strong and respected female musician in a genre heavily dominated by men who never once lets herself be judged for her sex rather than talent. 

My role models include both of my dads, in their own ways they taught me how to behave properly! (BTW they aren’t in a relationship, I was just blessed with an awesome Step-Dad as well as a Dad) but my number 1 role model is definitely Gemma – I have very few female friends, but Gemma taught me how to be confident and love myself and she also showed me that there are other people in the world (i.e her) who put their friends first and foremost and would do absolutely anything to make them happy and share the same morals as me.

Question 15 ~ Who Are Your Top 5 Fashion/Glamour Icons?:

Dita Von Tease, Simone Simmons, Sharon Ehman of Toxic Vision er..this is hard, can I pick Amie? 

I really don’t have 5! Definitely Dita Von Teese, Immodesty Blaize and more recently I’ve been obsessing over Floor Jansen’s stage wear for some ideas! If Gemma get’s to pick me, can I also pick her?

Question 16 ~ What’s your Fave Chocolate?:

 Milka Dime! 

(Daim to those people born in the noughties!) I have a definite soft spot for Galaxy chocolate – it reminds me of my cousin Lucy who introduced me to it when I was a very small child.

Question 17 ~ Do you wear Fake Tan?, If So, what’s your Fave Brand?:

Never, orange is not for me. 

I don’t think I have ever worn fake tan and doubt I ever will – pale all the way!

Question 18 ~ What’s your Fave TV programme at the moment?:

Vikings. I watch it with my long distance boyfriend and it’s driving me mad that I have to wait for my next trip to see him to catch up with the new episodes!

I’m hoping that Vikings will become my new favourite TV programme – I’m not much of a TV enthusiast so I need something to take over my current Game of Thrones watching marathon, which mostly makes me angry having read all of the books and seeing all the plot changes!

Question 19 ~ What’s your Fave Shampoo & Conditioner range?:

I live by Aussie for conditioner but I’ve never much been fussed with my choice of shampoo.

Like Gem, Aussie  is  a regular comer to my Conditioning regime, but I like to mix it up a bit with Trevor Sorbie – I’m not overly fussed with Shampoo since I try and avoid using this often because it ruins my bright red hair!

Question 20 ~ What’s your Fave Deodrant?:

Whatever I happen to have bought, can’t say I’ve found a deodorant to get excited about yet!

It’s usually Sure roll on deodorant since I find it hard to get on with pressurised cans, however one of my Dad’s bought me two Sure spray deodorants at Christmas as part of his “smelly collection” (which I thrive of) and I’ve actually really enjoyed them!


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