Avon Pur Blanca EDT Perfume Set Review

April 17, 2014

Avon Pur Blanca


When it comes to perfume I’m usually drawn to the more outspoken and sweet fragrances, and especially those with bright and beautiful bottles. Pur Blanca goes against everything I would normally choose; it’s clean light and simple and the bottle is very plain. Still somehow I’ve come to be quite fond of Pur Blanca and have made a sizeable dent in it already!

I’d agree with the official description of  “A delicate blend of pure white freesia and ylang ylang over peony, rose and waterlily”, though sometimes I find it leans heavily towards rose above the other ingredients.

Avon Pur Blanca

I purchased this set as it was on special offer, and for the price of the perfume alone I also received a body spray, roll on deodorant (?!) and body cream. I do think it’s a bit strange to include a roll-on in a perfume set and unfortunately the deodorant is pretty rubbish at it’s job.  The body spray and moisturiser however are essential as the biggest downside of Pur Blanca is it’s staying power.  The EDT itself doesn’t last longer than a few hours, but layering the scent gives you a little longer – three to four maximum though.

If you’re after something clean smelling with no frills then I’d definitely suggest checking this out! It’s one of the older more stable Avon fragrances so you can find it in practically every brochure! If you happen to pick an unlucky month or don’t have a local Avon representative you can order it from the Avon website for £11 (however the deodorant, body spray and moisture lotion are not included!)

Totally hellbent for something a little more toned down once in a while

– Gem


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