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DIY Nail Varnish Rack Tutorial

July 8, 2014

  Since I’ve started blogging, my Nail Varnish collection has gotten out of hand. It was so bad, that trying to choose a shade from my precariously placed free formed Nail Varnish pyramid was like playing a game of Jenga. Because of this I tended to go for a few staple colours to avoid setting off the Varnish grenade atop my bedroom drawers. I had a pitiful acrylic Nail Varnish rack which could hold around 20 bottles but this was…

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Cosmetics Storage, Nails

Roo Beauty Zebra Print Travel Nail Polish Storage

January 31, 2014
Roo Beauty Nail Varnish Storage Zebra

      Today I want to share this awesomely cute nail varnish case from Roo Beauty! I travel around a lot with my band (not to mention the frequent trips across the channel to see my boyfriend who is studying in Rotterdam!) and I always loose my nail varnishes in the bottom of a travel case somewhere. Cut to ten minutes before stage time and I’m frantically trying to find a black sharpie to cover up all the chips…

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