About Us

Who said Rock & Roll is a man’s game?


Hello! We are Gem and Pants, best friends and band mates with a passion for heavy metal, fabulous make-up, extremely large nail varnish collections and a cruelty free lifestyle.

Hellbent for Lipstick is our own little corner of the internet where we can wax lyrical about all the things we like best in life. We are both vegetarians who are in the process of making the switch to fully vegan lifestyles, so you can expect posts about health, fitness, adorable animals and food in between reviews of the mountains of make-up we have surrounded ourselves with and tutorials for looks to rock any stage.

We like Manowar a lot, and will probably drop plenty of Immortal jokes into reviews of anything with an inkling of the words black or metal in the name.

So go on, drop us a message or comment and tell us all about your favourite brands and bands!

Gem and Pants x