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Glossybox June 2014 Review

June 16, 2014

This is the last of my beauty boxes to arrive this month, and Gem and I have been waiting on tenterhooks after a few spoilers were going around, but now the wait is over and I can finally see what is in my Glossybox! The first thing I noticed, is that mine was prepared a little more shoddily than the usually impeccable presentation. My Glossybox (GB) ┬ásticker looked as though it had already been peeled off, and everything was just…

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Holland Adventures

May 11, 2014

You might have noticed we’ve been very quiet this week! I’ve just returned from the mainland where I spent the week with my lovely boyfriend in his home-town of Rotterdam, NL. Long distance relationships do have massive downsides, but I get a lot of European mini-breaks that help make up for the arduous time spent apart! I ┬áhad a lovely week that was filled with lots of time outdoors (despite having thoroughly British weather that couldn’t decide if it wanted…

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