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Mark Hill “Straight Talking” Straightening Cream

February 12, 2014



I picked this up along with the Mark Hill Straight Talking Shampoo & Conditioner. Having naturally curly hair, I’m always looking for things to help me iron out the kinks so I figured I would give this a bash. The Shampoo and  Conditioner were both mediocre at best and I can’t say this really wowed me. It’s a little heavy and greasy for my hair and I didn’t notice it making my life any easier. The smell is Okay, although I have other products that I would rather use. The directions say to blend through damp hair and blow dry, but I think my hair actually looked worse after blow drying that is usually does! (Think Marge Simpson’s sisters and your almost there)

Overall I can’t say I was that impressed and probably wont be purchasing anything from this range in the near future, which is a shame because I quite liked the animal print packaging! Maybe that’s what lured me in the first place. (*Narrows eyes*).

If you do want to sample the delight’s of Mark Hill’s Straigtening Cream, you can get hold of it from Boots here for £5.99 – one redeeming feature is that it came in a 150ml tube, which if I’d enjoyed using it would have lasted me for a long while. Alas not this time! However, if you’ve tried this out and you like it – leave us a comment and tell us what you thought!

Totally not hellbent for bad hair product discoveries




Aussie “Dual Personality” Coloured Hair Protector and Shine Serum

February 3, 2014


I’m a bit of a sucker for hair products – anything to keep my locks in tip top condition considering it’s length and it’s bright red colour. I’m also a bit of a sucker for Aussie and their three minute miracle is a frequent “hair pick me up” go to so when I saw this a few years ago it became one of my favourite hair serum’s ever.

This serum helps to protect coloured hair and makes it lovely and glossy, without making it look greasy. I always use a serum when straightening my hair and this also helps keep the frizz to a minimum (along with the trust GHDs.) It smells beautiful and it doesn’t feel too sticky or greasy like some hair serum’s can. The best thing about it, is that I only need a coin sized amount for my whole hair, which means the 75ml bottle lasts for a lifetime. The only time I steer clear of this is when my hair has faded to it’s crazy pink colour, the shine is a little overbearing and my hair needs a little more frizz control and less colour protection when it get’s like that, so I switch to some other products. Did I mention it’s small enough to throw into your festival bag for those hot summer day’s?

You can pick up Aussies Coloured hair protection and shine serum from Superdrug here for only £4.99 and while your at it, check out the rest of their range.

Totally hellbent for killing two hair problems with one hair product (totally not into killing birds)





TRESemmé Platinum Strength 60 second treatment shot

January 6, 2014

tresemme 60 second shot


I collect samples of all shapes and sizes and before Latest in Beauty stopped their little beauty boxes I would often order a few bits to try out. This was one of those that I picked up along with an “amie” facemask.

Normally I’m not one to stray from Aussie’s three minute miracle, but I dived straight in with this “60 second” treatment shot from TRESemmé.

According to Superdrug:

“TRESemmé Platinum Strength visibly repairs up to 2 years of damage in just 5 uses* giving you stronger, more manageable and beautifully healthy hair. The Platinum Strength’s Renewing Complex not only reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer but also helps restore your hair, protecting it against future damage.”

I only got two uses out of this tiny tube since I have so much hair so I can’t say I noticed any visible signs of repairing 2 years worth of damage to my hair, but it certainly felt beautiful and silky afterwards and it was so nice that I will probably consider picking up a few more of these little shots if I come across them on my beauty sprees. (In a few months once the Christmas Bank Crisis has been fixed.)

If you want to give these a go then for only £1.49 each you can pick them up from Superdrug.

Totally hellbent for samples galore






Lee Stafford – Wonder Spray “Blow Dry Faster”

December 20, 2013

Lee Stafford blow dry faster


If you’re anything like Gem and I, during the festive season you will be run ragged with errands, presents, squeezing in visits to nearest and dearest and trying to prepare for the run up to Christmas.

A perfect time to shout about Lee Stafford’s Wonder Spray! My hair is pretty long – granted about 10 inches shorter than it usually is, but if I don’t blow dry, it can take 24 hours for my hair to actually dry properly, especially if I’ve scraped it into an up do. Again, blow drying and straightening my hair used to take 3+ hours and I’d have to strategically plan my hair styles in advance so I knew how long I’d have to take out of my day.

Alas, last year sometime, a friend told me to try this. Although the sceptic inside me was shaking me, I was willing to give it a go – after all it couldn’t make it any worse right?

Well all I can say is, thank god I actually tried this! Honestly, this is one of the best products I have ever tried and has pretty much halved my hair drying time. I simply spray my hair, leave it for a few minutes then dry away. It now takes about 15 minutes before my hair is completely dry and ready to straighten. Tie that in with Trevor Sorbie’s straight Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum and I can get my hair dry and styled in under an hour.

So if you put off hair washing day as long as possible due to the hours it takes styling, give this a bash. I bought my own after Christmas last year and the same can is still going strong! You can pick it up for a cheerful £6.19 from Boots either in store or online.

Totally hellbent for less time blow-drying and more time partying




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You don’t have to conform to be successful

November 15, 2013



(Brains and I looking successful above. Note how we still look like a bunch of greebo’s, even though we are dressed up!)

I now find myself reading a lot of Magazines. Most of the content I find is mindless dribble and I have to be honest and say that I’m only interested in either the products they come with, or the hope of finding miracle cosmetics that I don’t already own. Despite this, I still read them from cover to cover and occasionally I am irked by the odd article.

My favourite this month was from Marie Claire’s “Nov 13” edition. “Why your fake lashes might just cost you that dream job.”It’s basically an article written by six “top” HR managers on things that didn’t quite land others a job.

My first gripe of this being … who the hell decided that they were “top” HR managers? I certainly wasn’t asked to fill out a survey on how brilliant they are. Then as I read on through the article, I felt more and more compelled to shout at these idiots for being so judgmental. So I’ll just share a few highlights with you all:

Block Brows – “Only last week I had a girl come in with jet-black eyebrows that were entirely pencilled in. She looked bizarre. Given the “scouse brow” is so widely mocked, it make me wonder if she had any social awareness.”

Colorama – “The recent trend for pastel and dip-dyed hair does not belong in an office. We actively encourage individuality in our teams, but we must also be confident that clients will take our employees seriously.” (My favourite here was the advice on how to get hired by telling readers “if you’re still determined to have a punky edge, keep it low key.”)

Talon Show – “Our written code of Presentation even states that employees cannot have overly long nails.” (Scoff – “written code of presentation? Hilarious!)

There were some other top choice comments referring to people wearing fake tan to interviews and having “greasy locks” with some hilarious advice on “if you don’t have time for a blow dry, use a good quality shampoo” – first off, who the hell has time for a “blow dry” at 6am in the morning when they are running late for work? (An apt moment for me to point out that my hair is so long and thick, it takes me at least 3 hours to dry and style it!)

Without going on too much of a tangent here, although I had to agree that some of the looks wouldn’t be something that I would favour … i.e. the false eyelashes, fake tan, perhaps an unfortunate attribute such as having greasy hair – none of these should stop people getting a job. The problem these days, is that people in positions of “power” think they are superior to everyone else, and they often forget that sometimes people just need to be given a break.

The media are very quick to judge those that fall outside of the norm, and pretend that they are offering you advise if you want to “hold on to that crazy punk trend”, when actually, we should all be allowed to individualise ourselves how we like!


(I’m holding onto that “crazy punk trend” and I bet my makeup has run down my face … how non conforming of me!)

I know lots of people who favour the “block brow” trend, because it’s actually quite “in” amongst those from a similar cultural background as Gem and I. And the comment about the recent trend for pastel dip dyed hair not belonging in an office … say’s who? If this doesn’t affect performance, then why should it matter?


(Does this count as pastel dip dying? Because I always sat in the office with hair like this!)

One of the reasons this article sparked so much enthusiasm for me, is that over the years and through a variety of different employments, I’ve always been judged for how I look, (except since the “fashion world” has taken so “kindly” to our love of black, leather, wet look and studs, we are somewhat more accepted as being “normal” at least until this trend dyes out). I have piercings and brightly coloured hair, even when I wear no makeup and dress smartly I always seem to have a quirky alternative edge about me, but because people don’t understand the culture that I come from they judge me harshly and think I’m a bad person.

Having worked in healthcare, one of the important parts of my job roles was acting in an anti-discriminatory manner, and treating people as individuals. Something that is then mocked entirely when you are forced into dressing and acting like clones. To be fair, there have been times early on in my career, where I thought people higher in the career ladder than me looked terrible! Their fashion sense was hilarious, the shoes they wore disgusting and their makeup pre-dating my existence, but my job role was about giving care to patients, not creating my own judging panel for all of my managers!

Despite others opinion of me, I suceeded in my career as a nurse and still managed to keep some individuality. I didn’t change my hair, and did not take my piercings out. (They are -not- an infection control hazard, thankyou very much!) What I didn’t do, is turn up to work with a face full of stage make up and I at least had some self-awareness that meant when I was at work, I did my work.

So I guess my point is, you don’t have to conform to be successful, if you are good at what you do, are enthusiastic, look after yourself and are passionate about work you can get to wherever you want to be. Don’t let people back you into a corner and don’t let people change who you really are, just because you don’t fit in with their “corporal image”. In the words of some of Gem and I’s favourite Northamptonians … “Who’s gonna care in a hundred years?”

Here’s hoping Gem and I will always look like this …

album launch

(Would you have time to blow dry my barnet in 10 minutes?)

On a final note … Keep it true and Metal IS Forever!

Totally hellbent for being me … always … no matter what!




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Birchbox October 2013

October 21, 2013

Birchbox October 13 2

I seem to have waited forever for this month’s beauty boxes to come around and after an underwhelming Glossybox this month, I couldn’t wait for Birchbox to try and lift my spirits.

This months delights included the following:

Birchbox October 13 3
BirchboxOctoebr 13 1

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance | £28.00
    A generous 15.0ml helping of this primer was very nice indeed. This will last a lifetime! I used a little of this on Saturday in the frantic morning rush when slapping on my stage makeup. It did a pretty fine job and putting on my foundation was most definitely a dream for once. I think this is a keeper to add to my stage makeup collection.
  • Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant | £67.00
    I havn’t actually tried this yet, having not heard of the brand before I am expecting absolute miracles considering the price. A 7.5g helping is good enough for me to put it to the test though, so expect updates on this in the near future.
  • KMS California Curl Up Wave Foam Mousse | £15.00
    Being one of those with naturally curly hair, I am always buying products to make my curls and waves look nicer although most of the time I opt for straightening so it’s always a nice change for me to sport my natural hair do. This 75ml mousse should be plenty for me to test this out, despite the amount of hair I have!
  • theBalm cosmetics Stainiac | £10.00
    Having received a previous lip and cheek tint, I was a little apprehensive about this one. On swatching it’s a very subtle color, but I’m not sure the texture of this will get along with my skin, especially my cheeks. Time will tell with 1.2mls for me to play with.
  • Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm | £11.50
    I’ve been meaning to pick some of this up for a while and this months Birchbox was well worth it for this alone. An absolutely adorable 3ml size product. I own the Nip+Fab version of this and absolutely love it. Needless to say I will be saving this for as long as possible! If it had cheeks – I’d pinch them.

Lifestyle Extra:

  • Birchbox Eyelash Curler | £10.00
    I recently received a Curler in my Glossybox a few months back and havn’t really got to grips with having a very bulky object very close to my eyes, with my precious eyelashes in it’s grasp. At some point, I will have a play with them box and see how they do. It took me years to finally take the plunge with falsies, so hopefully I can be a little braver this time.

Beauty Box Extra:

  • Egyptian Magic | £29.00
    Three 3ml sachets of all purpose skin cream. Who does not love skin cream? I haven’t tried this yet, but through the packet it feels very thick – almost like Vaseline. With the packaging bringing a little Nile into the equation, I could almost see this as a death metal beauty item too. Can’t wait to play with it.

Another thing I enjoyed this month was the little cards in place of a “magazine” with a few tips and other bits of info. I’m a sucker for quirky graphics!

You can get your hands on a Birchbox for just £10 a month with £2.95 P&P. With the option to cancel whenever you want and earn reward points for each box which you can spend later it’s well worth it.

 Totally hellbent for teeny tiny treats




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Primark “Rock Chic” Accessory Haul!

September 30, 2013

Primark Accessories Rock Chick

I’d actually only planned on popping in to pick up some £5 fake uggs to laze about in, but I couldn’t help a tiny little look at the other bargains on offer!

Although I frown in despair when I see a fashionista sporting a bullet belt or a trvegrym band shirt that they’ve never heard of, I do love being able to pick up “alternative” accessories at high street prices!

Primark Opia bracelets

Okay so I only really wanted the black and silver spiked bracelets, but I will find some use for the others I’m sure!





Love this arrow necklace, especially with the very long chain. I bought this with idea of wearing it on stage, but I might have to watch out for how much it flails around when I’m headbanging!




I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up for a long time to try and make a sophisticated slick bun. Unfortunately they don’t come in blue so I settled for a black one!



Primark backcombing brush


I’ve been rocking the big textured hair look a lot recently, so I figured it was time to finally buy a back-combing brush to reach Motley Crue esque levels of volume!





Honorable mention goes to these two scarves I picked up in poundland. I’ve paid a fortune for similar styles in the past from festivals! They’re short enough that they can double as headbands or bandannas too!

£1.00 each


Totally hellbent for festival-esque shinies at highstreet prices

– Gem






Avon Naturals Chamomile and Aloe Vera Care and Repair Conditioning Balm

September 23, 2013

avon hair

I put my hair through hell with the amount of bleach and dye it takes to keep it this blue, so I turn to nourishing treatments for damaged hair at least once a week to try and keep it in good condition.

If you’ve ever had extreme hair colour (or style for that matter – mohawks do a hell-a-lot-a damage too!) you will be familiar with the dry ends, dull colour fade and other assorted unwanted side effects of fabulous hair.

On a day to day basis I use Aussie Three Minute Miracle to combat these symptomswhich if I’m honest in my opinion is the single best conditioner on the market (and well deserving of a blog all about it..soon!) but sometimes I need a little extra kick to stop my hair drying out.

I picked up the Avon Naturals Chamomile and Aloe Vera Care and Repair Conditioning Balm (what a mouthful!) for only £1 on special offer and was really surprised with the results I got for such a low cost.

The balm has a much silkier and thinner texture than I would have expected, and was doubtful of it’s results when I was applying it because of this. The scent was very light and natural and it didn’t feel at all like the usual thick and heavy intensive conditioners I’ve used before. The results however were amazing! My hair is shiny, silky and healthy looking with no styling, and retains a slight hint of the lovely (and very natural) scent.

I used about half a tub in one application, but I do have very long hair so that’s a little more acceptable. If you have shorter or finer hair I imagine you would easily get 4-8 uses out of the tub – but then at such a low price you could use the whole thing and you’d still be getting better value than most intensive hair treatments!

Available from Avon for only 99p (125ml) or £2.50 from your local Avon rep.

Totally hellbent for a scrimping but amazing hair care solution

– Gem

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Latest in beauty samples

September 3, 2013

lib samples boxSo far I’ve done a really good job of resisting the Latest in Beauty little beauty boxes. Unfortunately, when it comes to having shiny things pushed through the letter box, resistance is futile.

This is my first and probably not my last, but my main reason for indulging was the Amie face mask. I keep seeing this brand everywhere, and I think it’s only right that I give something that has the same name as me a whirl! Plus it’s not often I see other people spelling my name correctly.

I now have the following to look forward to:

  • Aveda invati solutions for thinning hair – Shampoo & Conditioner
  • TRESemmé split mend – Shampoo, Conditioner & leave in treatment
  • Amie cooling clay mask

More updates on the Amie mask when I try this out!

The little beauty box can be purchased for a lovely £1.50 that is added onto your phone bill. You get a choice of three products, my Aveda product was a “mystery sample” since I like to live on the edge a little.


Totally hellbent for products that have my name on it!

– Pants



Beauty Boxes, Hair, Make-up, Skincare

August 2013 Glossybox

August 13, 2013

As well as free things, I also came back to Augusts Glossybox upon the return from Bloodstock. It certainly turned a very glum Pants into a very excitable and distracted one! There is something about this box that makes me feel as though it’s Christmas again. Even though everyone else gets the same packaging, it makes me feel as though this was packaged and wrapped just for me.

So enough with the jabbering and on with the contents you say? Well alright then:

augglossyboxaugglossybox2augglossybox3This month brought me the following:

  • Oceane makeup remover pen (with extra tips)
  • Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 shadow liner (I had the grey/green like colour)
  • TRESemme Concentrated rinse off treatment (perfect for post festival hair disasters)
  • Emite Eyelash Curler (I’ve been thinking about buying some curlers for a while now)
  • Olay regenerist 3 point treatment cream (can never have enough cream to help with fine lines and sagging right?)

Needless to say, I am more than excited at trying the Jelly Pong Pong after I fell in love with their fairy lashes mascara. Now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of other beauty boxes to satisfy my addiction for new products and kill the inevitable festival blues.

Totally hellbent for post festival cheer ups

– Pants