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September 14, 2014



Gem and I enjoying ourselves thoroughly at our last gig – The Aonia “Sunchaser” Launch

It’s been a good few weeks since we’ve been tagged in a post, but Aimee Belle of Aimee Belle Blogs tagged us in this rather unusual concert post, which is right up our street! You can check out her post here.

1. What was your first concert and how old were you?

Pants: When I was very young I remember my mum taking me to “Party In The Park” in Canon Hill after she had won tickets. I vaguely remember seeing A1 before they were A1, Madness and a few others. My first real metal concert was probably Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm though back when I was around 13 years old.

Gem: I think officially it was Shakin’ Stevens when I was about four, how rock and roll! My first proper gig was Ocean Colour Scene at the Birmingham Academy when I was in my early teens, I remember feeling so grown up going to a proper gig without my parents!

2. What was your best concert?

Pants: Hmm there have been too many. Each special in their own way. From Symphony X on Gemma’s birthday a few years back, where I was surrounded by Symphony X fans who were all singing as loudly as Gem and I (heartwarming stuff) to seeing Behemoth and Evergrey in incredibly intimate venues with about 20 other people before they both became big. We’ve also played some pretty outstanding gigs too of which Thunderstone and Edguy come to mind. So in summary – I can’t pick one.

Gem: I can’t pick just one! Nightwish at Wacken 2013 was definitely one of the most magical experiences of my life along with Manowar’s show at the 02 in Birmingham. I’m also going to throw in every Iron Maiden show ever, Symphony X on my Birthday and getting right to the front for Avantasia and Revamp at Bloodstock. 

3. Have you ever been a VIP and met the performer? If so, who?

Pants: Hmm many times – Gem and I were asked to stand in as merch girls at Metalfest in Dudley, which saw us receive lots of free merch and many offers to go to hotel parties with a lot of the bands that were playing – we’ve also played some pretty prestigious gigs which have meant meeting other performers and being classed as a “VIP” – and of course, there was always naked Kiuas (perhaps Gem can explain this one ;o) )

Gem: We’ve had our fair share of AAA passes, but “Naked Kiuas” was probably the most spectacular, yes. We’re friends with their sound engineer and he invited us backstage for a drink (90% vodka, 10% cranberry juice in a pint glass…never drink with anyone from Finland unless you have a liver of steel!) when suddenly the band returned from their showers in various states of undress and took great delight in showing us their “Who has the best underwear” competition. I think it was a toss up between the Iron Man pants and the Kiss boxers! They were very casual and nonchalant about being naked in front of strangers though, must be a European thing!

4. Who would you love to see in concert?

Pants: I would have -loved- to have seen Death in it’s original form but sadly that will never happen … that and Dio which we definitely do not talk about! Besides that I’ve seen pretty much all of my most favorite bands.

Gem: No. We don’t talk about Dio. The only band I would love to see that I havn’t yet (off the top of my head – I’m sure there are some more!) is Ancient Bards.

5. What is your go to outfit for a concert?

Pants: Generally speaking a black denim mini skirt, a band t-shirt, my patch bag, tights or leggings and boots. Sometimes I wear skinny jeans but that’s a rarity. 

Gem: Band t-shirt (though never ever the band you are going to see of course!) and some manner of black leggings with boots usually. 

6. Last concert you went to?

Pants:  It would have been Bloodstock Open Air but as for the last band of the festival that we saw, I cannot remember. (Oops … wine …)

Gem: The last band that we saw at Bloodstock was Revamp, and then the last few songs of Morgue Orgy!

7. Future concerts?

Pants: Many! We have a few of our own gigs to look forward to – our photographers 50th birthday and another with Birmingham University’s Metal Society (our tour dates are here). Besides those we are planning on heading to Damnation Festival towards the end of the year and perhaps a small trip to Leicester to go and see Orphaned Land too.

Gem: Damnation Festival, Orphaned Land, Sabaton and Behemoth are all in the diary!

8. Which artist/group would you love to meet?

Pants: I’m very lucky to have already met most of the people I’ve wanted to! Obviously I would thrive off being able to kidnap Russell Allen and keep him in the imaginary basement tunnels between mine and Gem’s houses with all the other people we want to keep forever. I’m not convinced that will happen any time soon though.

Gem: I’d love to meet Manowar, but I wouldn’t trust myself not to throw myself at their feet and shout “We’re not worthy” lots… <- * I am not worthy – I have slightly more control over my inner fan girl than Gem ;o)

9. Would you go on stage and sing a duet with your favourite artist?

Pants: Oh definitely! Hmm maybe not a duet though – maybe I’d play bass for them and leave the singing to Gem.

Gem: I fantasise about duetting with Russell Allen or Floor Janson approximately 23409238432904 times a day!

Who do you TAG?

Pants: Ooo tough one – I’m going to tag Simone from Thirty Something OAP, only because I’m nosey and really want to know her answers to some of these questions!

Totally hellbent for heavy metal and all the concerts it comes with!

Gem & Pants

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