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Five Looks to Rock Your World in 2015

March 6, 2015


The following is a featured post courtesy of Perfect Lips.

Well, ladies, 2015 in now in full swing – and with a new year comes fabulous new trends in the world of hair and beauty. But what does this year have in store? And what shades of lippy and liners should we be stocking up on? Let’s take a look at five trends to rock your world:

Beautiful Black Lines
Calling all rock chicks: Black eyeliner is very much IN for 2015; and the best news? However you wear your lines, you’ll be bang-on-trend.
Grab your trusty gel liner and draw on some fine lines or go bold with some strong flicks on your upper lid. Lower lid liner is also popular for this year, so you can really play around with your look to find something that works for you.
And, if you want to give this trend even more impact, team your luscious lines with a smoky shadow. Gorgeous!

Plum Perfection
Whether your best feature is your perfect lips or whether it’s your big, beautiful peepers, you can rock this trend in 2015; it’s important not to do both though – choose your best facial asset and work with that. Plum is a great shade for all skin tones, just choose the right level of plum for you.

bold red lips

Big Bold Lips
We’re forever fans of big bold lips, but this season, they’re dominating the nude lip look. The hottest lips this year will be showcasing bright reds, plums, orange tints, and powerful pinks. Don’t neglect your lip liner either – this can really enhance your look.

brown eyeshadow 2015 trend
Brown-eyed Beauties
Fall in love with brown shadows this season; play with bronze powders and soft walnuts to find your ideal shade. This is the perfect look to take you from daytime casual to hitting the town – try a subtle brown for the office to enhance your eyes, but take it up a notch with bold wings or dazzling metallics for your evening look.
If you’re not a fan of shadows, you can still rock this trend with a sexy brown lip.

blue eyeshadow trend-edit


Pop of Colour
If you like to have fun with your look then you’re going to love this trend: it’s all about flashes of colour on your lids; the only limit to your look is your imagination.
Blues and reds have been key to this trend on the catwalk, but you can enjoy whatever shade suits you. Wear it solid for a more intense finish, or fade it out into a smoky eye effect.
Those are 5 of the hottest looks to rock your world in 2015, but which one is your favourite? Leave us a comment below.


About the author

Dr Rob, of Perfect Lips, is a facial cosmetic and dental surgeon with 30 years’ experience creating beautiful smiles, and now in creating the perfect pout. Get in touch to find out more about his pain free lip injections.

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The Vegan Kind Beauty Box February 2015

March 4, 2015

One beauty box I’m keeping my subscription to, is The Vegan Kind Beauty Box. One of my biggest problems is spending hours reading ingredient’s lists and checking out companies when I receive samples from other boxes, just to make sure I can use them. There is none of that with this box as I know everything is already Vegan and it always opens me up to some great new brands!

Let’s take a peek inside this month’s box;




Fresh Therapies – Nourishing Natural Nail Polish Remover Wipes – 55g (RRP £7.50)

What a fantastic idea this is. Ten individually wrapped, nail polish remover wipes. Made with natural ingredients, no toxins and no chemical smell. It’s also suitable for Vegans, Children, Sensitive Skin and Pregnancy. £7.50 is a little pricey I think for only ten sachets, although they do have a 50ml bottle of nail varnish remover available for £8.99 which seems more reasonable. I know that this isn’t something you would use every day for taking off your varnish, but despite the price I think this would be wonderful for travelling. I remember last year cramming a bottle of remover into my bag on the way to Germany, just so I could do my nails on the ferry. Unfortunately said bottle leaked everywhere and I ended up with the tiniest drop left and having to borrow some off Gemma. The nail varnish pots are also great, but again prone to leaking if thrown into you bag. The individual pads are also pretty good the first time you use them, but since they are stored in the same pot I find they dry up really quickly. Since these are individually wrapped, you can just pop one in your bag and go!


Olivia Soaps and Balms – Chocolate and Coconut Body Butter – 50g (RRP £5.00)

I really love how cute the packaging is for this Body Butter. My first impression when I opened the lid and took a sniff though wasn’t amazing. It’s hard to explain but I really didn’t like how it smelt. However, after dipping a finger in I was somewhat surprised to discover that the butter was hard, but melted beautifully under my finger and once applied to the skin, it smelt absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of a Bounty chocolate bar except perhaps somewhat less edible. The consistency is quite oily once applied, which is great if you have dry skin but probably not as good if you suffer with oily skin. Despite my initial reservations about the smell, I’m looking forward to trying this out after a shower for some extra pampering.


Premae Skincare – Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub – 20ml (RRP £5.00)

Made with Italian Olive  granules, this can be used as a body or face scrub. I actually used this on my face this morning to text it out and it’s quite nice. It’s very mild on the skin and not something I would usually choose to use in terms of exfoliation, but it felt nice to apply – almost as though I was applying an exfoliating moisturiser. It doesn’t lather but wiped off beautifully with a face cloth. Although this says to use once or twice a week, I’m not sure I could use it instead of my usual face scrub. My dry skin needs something a little tougher but it’s great for a mid week pick me up.


White Rabbit Skincare – Comfort Cleansing Balm – 50ml (RRP £7.50)

The cosmetics gods must have heard me when I said I wanted to try more from White Rabbit Skincare since I also received a sample in this month’s #TVK16 which you can read about here. This cleansing balm can be massaged into dry skin before removing with a hand hot damp cloth. This reminds me a little bit of The Body Shop Chamomile cleansing butter. The smell is amazing and has a beautiful eucalyptus and lavender fragrance, which I adore. Once wiped off, it does leave the skin feeling pretty great I have to say.


Hedgerow Herbals – Bath Bags – 3x 10g (RRP £4.50)

These are essentially giant teabags for the bath. I actually don’t think I’ve ever come across anything like this before, but since I hate baths, I don’t ever buy bath products. These smell delightful though and have filled the whole TVK Beauty Box with such a calming aroma. I’m deeply saddened that I won’t be using them myself, but my general trick with bath treats is to force my partner to have a bath so I can sit on the toilet seat and enjoy them from afar. My favourite thing about these bags is that they are made from wild-crafted ingredients and each bag is bio degradable which means they can be composted.

I’ve really enjoyed the range of body related products in this box, so much so in fact that I hadn’t even noticed there weren’t any makeup items. Another great thing about The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is that it’s quarterly, so I don’t feel overwhelmed with products every month, it’s more than affordable and I’m more excited when I anticipate it’s arrival. I know they had put some feelers out as to whether people would like the service to become monthly and I always thought that I’d prefer a monthly box, but I’m really enjoying my guilt free spending with the 3 monthly boxes.

Have you signed up to The Vegan Kind Beauty box? What are you thought’s on the box potentially moving to a monthly service? I’d love to hear your comments down below.

Totally hellbent for guilty and cruelty free purchases