Back on Track

September 3, 2014


Ever notice how you see a lot of posts about “Getting back into blogging” or “Getting your blogging groove back” around this time of year? I can totally appreciate the slump of activity that happens over summer and then the sudden rush of content once the new school year starts.

I’m a real (sort of) grown up with a round-the-year job so it’s not so much that I go home for summer or enjoy a flood of new inspirational uni stationary in September, rather that I’m in a long distance relationship and the only extended time we get together in during his university break in the summer. We’ve had a wonderful summer together, but parted ways tearfully on Sunday when he returned to Holland for his final year of studies. Being in a long distance relationship can be very trying even with an end in sight, but the upside is that every moment together is absolutely cherished.


So whilst I’ve still been spending far too much on cosmetics, and have had plenty of inspiration to write posts, quite simply I’ve been drinking up the time with my other half and blogging has fallen by the wayside. I have the handy back-up of sharing HBFL with Amie who has kept content flowing in my absence, but in truth I’ve really missed my little corner of the internet and  feel really good about a sudden rush of inspiration for writing and blogging in general.

It can be a bit intimidating writing that first post after such a long break, but here I am and once this one is out of the way I can get back to the far more interesting topic of shiny make-up.

Totally hellbent for getting back into the swing of things.



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