NOTD – Avon Colour Attract, magnetic nail enamel in “magnetic metal”

September 3, 2013

NOTD magneticI bought this from my latest Avon demo brochue sucked in by the magnetic wands you can also buy, which give you pretty patterns – unlike the others I had seen in shops where it was just a random magnet for you to make your own.

When I first applied it, I left it to dry and then held the magnet over. Well nothing happened and I thought “pah, rubbish.” Due to my own curiosity and a morbid fascination with reading leaflets (boring and weird I know!) it was only when I actually read the instructions that I tried this again. The Avon nail varnish specifically, tells you to apply one coat, allow this to dry and then apply a second, holding the magnet over the nails whilst wet.

Above is the finished product, using the “line” magnet and I am so in love with this, that I even did my toes! It has been a long time since I have been so enthused about a nail varnish that I don’t want to take it off. Usually I can’t wait for it to chip so I can have an excuse to pick another color – I think this is my way of justifying the sheer volume of nail varnish I own and trying to get use out of all of them!

Unfortunately, I can’t link to this just yet, because it hasn’t been released! But if anyone does want the link when it is available to buy online, please let me know. I’m also ordering more colours so I will keep you all posted!


Totally hellbent for nail varnish that I never want to chip




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