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NOTD – Ciaté paint pots in “PP107 pocket money”

September 19, 2013

NOTD Ciate pocketmoney

I received Ciatés “Pocket Money” (£9.00)  this in July 2013’s Glossybox.

On first glance, it not normally the colour I would go for, but I tried it for the first time on all my nails (not just an excited swatch on an already painted nail, which I do whenever I get new nail varnish) yesterday. First of all I tried it with Avon’s Opal, (on sale at £3.00) but it looked terrible.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the colour so much, that I repainted them today with Avon’s nailwear pro+ in “licorice” (on sale at £3.00) for the tips, and swapping them round on my index finger for an almost “accented” nail.

I adore how the glossy black Avon varnish compliments the classy grown up colour of the Ciaté. It’s like putting metal and finesse together! To finish up, I used my nails inc LONDON (£12.00) top coat.

Definitely going to be doing this one again as well as purchasing more from Ciaté’s range, which is absolutely beautiful!

On a complete side note … it will soon be Christmas, so look out for some nail tutorials of some of my signature “Christmas Nail” looks.

Totally hellbent for combining rock ‘n’ roll and chiqué




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