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Gem’s top five festival life savers for summer 2013

September 17, 2013

Did you see Amie’s blog about her festival survival kit? Well I thought I’d like to share some of my own top products for getting by with a minimal cosmetics bag! Some were so good we both chose them!

Now i’m not going to lie and say this is all I took (because I took a LOT of cosmetics with me to every festival this summer) but I could probably get away with just these items (and a stage make-up bag if we were performing of course!) if I absolutely had to!


 Avon Maffifying Mineral Face Cream SPF 30 & Coola Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20

Exploding blusher accident on the Coola! =(

Exploding blusher accident on the Coola! =(

I’m usually not a fan of wearing anything under 50SPF, but the 30SPF Avon mattifying mineral face cream was far too good in comparison to the usual greasy shiny sun protection! I combined this with the Coola 20SPF tinted moisturiser and managed to avoid burning on my face at all.

How silly I felt after wearing sun protection on my skin for Hammerfest (Wales in March…AND the bands are indoors!) yet forgot to apply any for the boat to Wacken (North Sea in August). The results were harrowing…


But by keeping this topped up at ALL times other than on that silly boat my skin is brown not burnt which I am very very thankful for! My Dainty Doll 0001 foundation still looks like corpse paint on me against my tan, but as autumn and winter set in again I will become my (happily!) pale self again soon!

Coola £23.29 from Beauty Expert

Similar Avon on offer for £3.00 from Avon


Simple Eye Make-up RemoverIMG_5526

I’ve loved Simple’s skincare since I was old enough to know what cleanser is, but this is probably my all time favourite Simple product (and it comes in uber-cute mini size!).

I’ve used much more expensive eye-make up removers, but none compare to this at all! Just a dash on a cotton pad clears even the heaviest panda eye-liner in a mere moment.

Most people will swear by face-wipes at festivals, and for convenience they are smashing of course, but I prefer to take mini cleanser, toner and make-up remover and do it properly.

£1.50 from Superdrug


Benefit POREfessional


Unlike Pants I am lucky enough to have reasonable eyebrows without having to draw them on, so my one make-up essential would have to be something that covers up my horrendous pores! Benefit POREfessional is simply the best product ever. Just a dabbing over the T-zone and chin makes my skin look a billion times better.

Last year we had our car broken into on the way to Wacken and one of the things stolen was my huge make-up bag. Having lost hundreds of pounds worth of full size products and brushes I decided to decant all of my more expensive products into small clear tubs (handily saving myself a lot of space too!) and I surprised myself by not even using half a tubs worth over the whole summer festival season!

£24.50 from Boots


Anamatomicals Spray Misty for Me & Avon Footworks Cooling Spray


I make no secret of the fact I hate the heat, and Wacken was UNBEARABLY hot this year! Amie already mentioned the Anatomicals Spray Misty for me (that we both received in our July Glossybox) but I also had the foresight to pack my Avon Green tea and Mint Foot Cooling Spray.

Let me tell you, after standing in heavy boots in 30 degrees for a few hours this was pure heaven.

Both products have moved into my gigging cosmetics bag, as even in the colder months it gets very hot and sweaty under stage lights, and they are perfect for a little pick-me-up if I don’t have chance to cool down between the stage and press/merch desk/greeting people!

Anatomicals £6.00 from ASOS

Avon Footworks £3.15 from Avon


Lipsmacker – Coca Cola Cherry & Nip+Fab Lip & Nip fix


I always get that horrible dry cracked lip feeling during festival season and it drives me bloody mad! Since falling in love with the Nib+Fab Lip+Nip fix however, I’ve not suffered chapped lips at all – even out in the sun all day!

Unfortunately the Lip+Nip fix has been discontinued but the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for lips is an almost identical product.

I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to lipsmackers and I have every flavour I can get my hands on, but this is my very favourite! I had one of these stashed in every bag I took so I knew I would never be without, this particular one also has a red tint, so saved me having to worry about lipstick too!

Nib+Fab discontinued =( / Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm £11.50 from Beauty Bay

Cherry Coca Cola Lipsmacker £3.50 from Claires.


So now we say goodbye to festival season ’13, but at least you can be well prepared for next year with these amazing finds!

Totally hellbent for 317 days to WOA 14

– Gem


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