Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick in “Vixen” Review

June 3, 2014


I am a terrible person, a terrible person indeed. So terrible in fact, that this lovely lipstick has been sat unopened in my “to review” pile since I bought it about three month’s ago. I was so eager and excited to try the Sleek Lipsticks out and when I finally relented and picked up “Vixen” in a 3 for 2 haul at Superdrug, the least I could have done was give this the time and attention it deserved instead of leaving it alone in a box!

Having said that, there was absolutely no way I could have worn this, without first photographing it whilst it remained pristine in all it’s glory – before the end became smudged and coated with all the best bits that get left behind in the bottom of my bag.

Despite already having a vast collection of red lipsticks, I really do get sucked in to an eye catching red and beautiful packaging, which is exactly how this purchase came about. At £4.99 this was slightly more justifiable to purchase because I picked up a few other products on the way, reaping the 3 for 2 benefits and I’m glad I was unable to resist temptation because I love it. The case has a very appealing matte black texture, giving it the feel of something far more luxurious than it should be. Not the typical square or cylinder style for a lipstick, but more of an oval shape and slightly smaller than other brands – however still packed with the same amount of lip smacking colour than any of it’s other counterparts. The colour is a classy bright pillar-box red and it glides on beautifully. This contains Vitamin E which seems to be a pretty standard feature across a range of lipsticks these days, which is fine by me as I welcome a product that hydrates my lips, meaning I get more wear for my buck.

I love absolutely everything about this lipstick – I love holding it, I love applying it, I love taking the lid off, I love twisting it in and out and watching the beautiful red pop into view but most of all, I love that it is now mine. I’ve already got my eye on some of the other shades, especially the (yup you guessed it) Coral shades which you can check out here.

Once again Sleek have delivered exactly what it says in their name – a beautifully “Sleek”, yet classy product with a touch of luxury that doesn’t break the bank balance.

Do you have any Sleek favourites at the moment?

Totally hellbent for popping some cheerful luxury into my handbag and lusting over packaging


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