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The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Range Part 2

October 5, 2013

Vitamin E

Here is Part 2 of my Vitamin E blog.

From left to right: Moisture Cream, Illuminating Moisture Cream, Intense Moisture Cream, Nourishing Night Cream

Moisture Cream:

This was the first Vitamin E moisturiser I bought. It’s light weight, gives enough hydration to last the day and is wonderful for mixing with foundations. I absolutely loved the texture of this and how my skin felt when I used it for the first time, I blame my Vitamin E devotion on this product alone as I was hooked instantly!

Illuminating Moisture Cream:

My first experience of illuminated face creams – this gives off a slight pink shimmer/glow. Much nicer than the Superdrug illuminating Vitamin E cream, but I have to be in the right mood to wear this. I find if I am having a “natural” looking day, I might opt for this to give me a flush of colour without using foundation, but less is definitely more with this!

Intense Moisture Cream:

My winter go to cream – moisturiser for dry skin, should be so thick that if you turn the tub upside down, it stays put. This is one of the best moisturisers I’ve found for combating my horrible dry skin during the central heating induced Winter months. With the cold seasons ploughing towards us, I will be reaching for this sooner rather than later.

Nourishing Night Cream:

More recently, I have been experimenting with other moisturisers, but when I use Vitamin E, I use the night cream to go with it. Similar to the Intense Moisture Cream, this is much thicker in consistency, so when I wake in the morning I don’t feel like I’ve had my head in a tumble dryer. It has that luxurious feel when you apply it without making your skin feel suffocated.

Since I own almost all of The Body Shops Vitamin E range, I also recommend the following:

Totally hellbent for (in case you hadn’t noticed) Vitamin E everything




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