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NOTD – Essie sleek stick nail stickers in 03 so haute”

August 13, 2013

essiewraps1Shortly before festival season, I received the Latest in Beauty Ultimate Summer Nails box which Gem and I have been pining after for ages. These were one of the items in the box and in my delirium between Wacken and Bloodstock, I decided to give them a bash.

You get 18 stickers in total and a small emery board/buffer. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but found there was at least a sticker for every nail that fitted well. It’s a bit strange that you only get 18, which means if I wanted to use these again, I would only get 8 nails done.

As a first timer to nail wraps, I found them surprisingly easy to apply, stick them on and file the edges off. My only issue with this, is that throughout the course of the evening and the day after, my nails felt very rough because the edges of the stickers didn’t come out very smooth. After showering and doing some light house work, this became worse so I applied a top coat. Needless to say, the feeling of scratchy nail tips became so irritating, that I had to take them off after only an evening and mornings wear.

The final result was pretty and I am willing to try wraps again to see if I can refine my technique, only next time it wont be before another festival and definitely after a day of house chores.

essiewraps2Despite my first time disappointment, I thoroughly enjoyed just peeling these off, although I used a small amount of nail varnish remover to take some of the residual glue off my nails. I could definitely get used to avoiding the task of varnish removal.

Totally hellbent for laborless nails

– Pants



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