Lady Gaga Fame EDP Review

May 28, 2014

Lady Gaga Fame EDP


I’ve got a secret to confess. I love Lady Gaga.

I really disliked her at first, but one day after some intoxicating substances my drummer decided to convince me of her merit and somewhere along the line of that night I became a Gaga convert. I had absolutely zero interest in this perfume before that day, but recently it’s been skirting higher and higher up my wishlist till I saw it on offer for only £10.00 in Superdrug and couldn’t resist.

First up I have to say the bottle was  a big draw for me, I love the golden claws and black liquid (though it’s worth noting it’s clear once sprayed on the skin – magic!) and think it looks slightly dangerous in the most fabulous way. When I saw the design I was definitely expecting quite a dark, musky quirky scent, but actually the perfume itself was really something quite normal in comparison!

The official description says “Tears of Belladonna, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea with a Black Veil of Incense, Pulverized Apricot and the combative essences of Saffron and Honey Drops”

I’d say it’s not nearly as dark and complex as the blurb suggests. Don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely…but that’s the thing, I sort of wanted it to be not lovely. I wanted something heavy and unique, this is very very sweet and fruity, you can definitely pick out the apricot!

Wear time unfortunately is only a few hours, but I’d think layering it up would give it a little longer.

Am I gaga about it? Hrm, yes in a lot of ways I really love this perfume, but I just wanted something with a little more edge.

Currently only £10.00 from Superdrug.


– Gem

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  • Reply Chrissie May 31, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    That’s a bit of a let down. I adore the bottle and thought the scent would have the musky, spicy, oriental notes that I noally go for. Hmm, ah well, still not bad for a tenner!

    • Reply Gemma May 31, 2014 at 4:13 pm

      The scent is still quite nice, but I think I’d be a bit disappointed if I’d have paid more for it! x

  • Reply Becca June 1, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I’ve got this perfume and I love it! I found though that the smell did linger for most of the day. but then I do go ott with spraying!

    • Reply Gemma June 1, 2014 at 7:18 pm

      Maybe I need to try and douse myself in it a bit more then! =)

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