Deep Steep Moisture Stick Review

April 23, 2014

The Deep Steep Moisture Stick was received as part of my first ever Love me Beauty March Box. Since the moment I’ve taken this out the box, its been a definite staple in my everyday routine and now has pride of place amongst my hand creams on my desk. I am one to suffer dry skin I am forever carrying around tiny pots of moisturiser that either open up in the bottom of my bag or leave my hands greasy after applying liberal amounts on the go when I’m far from a hand washing facility. I’ve never heard of Deep Steep before, but I’ve swapped my tiny tubs for this tiny – but mighty – tube.


Unlike conventional moisturisers, this is more of a balm in a roll up container in “honeydew – spearmint”. It glides onto the skin without you having to splodge any cream into your hand first and slowly absorbs leaving those irritating dry patches beautifully smooth. The scent is not too powerful and gives a refreshing yet subtle minty fragrance which doesn’t irritate the skin. Because of it’s balm like consistency, you also get accuracy with your application and this is perfect for on the go, whether you are in the car or out for dinner you can grab it from your handbag, apply as required and need not worry about having to wash your hands or having excess cream to rub in elsewhere. Packed with natural ingredients, there doesn’t seem to be a harsh preservative or chemical in sight and better yet it’s completely Vegan with an assurance of no animal testing.

As if the above wasn’t enough to tempt you, it also comes in a range of scents; from “lavender – chamomile” to “vanilla – sugar” (yes please). From their online shop here it”s $5.05 for a 15g stick but I don’t think they ship to the UK, having said that, I’ve also found this on the Feel Unique website for £4.95 on their but you don’t have a choice of the whole range. After taking a peek at some of Deep Steep’s other products available on their site I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for stock in the UK. (Ahem Deep Steep take note).

If ever there was a product I have fallen head over heels for from the moment I cast my eyes upon it, this is one of them. I’m even incredibly excited about taking this with me on one of my occasional night shifts to keep my skin hydrated throughout!

Have you tried the Deep Steep moisture stick out? If so what were your thoughts? We’d also like to hear of any other Deep Steep products you’ve tried!

Totally hellbent for fully controlled and zero mess, portable moisture – wherever – whenever


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