The Body Shop Olive Shower & Moisture Cube

January 5, 2014

bodyshop olive


It’s no secret that I like The Body Shop probably more than I should and definitely to the dismay of my bank balance. Alas, before Christmas I picked up their Olive Shower & Moisture Cube having heard some good reviews from fellow “dry skin” sufferers.

For a meager £4.00 you are graced with the following:

  • Olive Shower Gel 60ml x 2
  • Mini Crinkle Lily – Green

No body butter or scrub unfortunately, but that’s Okay. Despite this being Olive, the fragrance is quite soft and pretty which was surprising as I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

My verdict unsurprisingly is that I have now found yet another Body Shop treasure, this was brilliant on my skin and I definitely had a feeling of hydration afterwards. Once I’ve whittled down my “smellies” collection thanks to Christmas, I am going to try out the other products from this range and see how they fare, but for those of you that also suffer with dry and sensitive skin, I would highly recommend this.

If you want to try this out, I’d suggest the little cubes, as they are great for trying out new things from The Body Shop due to their size. It doesn’t break the bank at only £4.00 a pop (or cheaper if you wait until they have online sales) and you can grab them here online or in your local store.

Totally hellbent for having fully hydrated Skin … for once!




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