Sunday Scents: Yankee Candle Simply Home in Vanilla Frosting

April 13, 2014

Yankee Candle Simply Home in Vanilla Frosting


Hello and welcome to the first of many Sunday Scents!

Who doesn’t love a good scented candle? I’m pretty obsessed with them, and sweet vanilla scents are my biggest weakness!

Yankee candles are a little on the pricey side usually but I spotted them in my local Asda at around half the usual cost. The whole line there is branded as Yankee Candle Simply Home and there are some slight differences between the standard candles as described on the official website –

Inspired by the simple pleasures of home and family, Simply Home by Yankee Candle is a range of home fragrance designed with both style and value in mind. Simply Home is created with the same wax and to the same high standards as Yankee Candle Classics (Housewarmer), but with a different complexity of fragrance, and in colours that perfectly complement your home décor. 

So there you have it, the difference should be minimal with only a less complex scent to show for your savings. I picked up the  49g Vanilla Frosting Wrapped Votive Sampler for only £1 and with the full  size at only £13.00 I will definitely be making a return trip to the home-wares aisle!

The burn time of the sampler size is around 15 hours so you get plenty out of your £1 investment! I think this is a great way to try out all the different scents (I know I plan to!)

So onto the part where I actually talk about this particular candle – it is absolutely delicious! A rich and thick sweet scent that reminds me of baking. It’s quite a creamy smell and could be a bit sickly if you aren’t particularly into sweet scents. It takes a little while to get going but once a pool of wax has formed on the top it really fills the room with a mouthwatering sugary smell.

I’ve tried many many vanilla scented candles, but this is definitely my number one favourite and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full size jar!

Find in-store or order on-line at

Have you tried any of the Yankee Candle Simply Home range?

Totally hellbent for sickly sweet treats that contain zero calories!

– Gem

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