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Pink Parcel Review

January 5, 2015

Pink Parcel Review Pink Parcel Review Pink Parcel Review

There seems to be a new subscription box popping up every five minutes these days, but I’ve yet to see anything else as genuinely useful as Pink Parcel. There’s no point in trying to dress it up into something coy or fancy – this is a period survival box and it is fantastic! You choose from your preferred type and brand of sanitary products (including most of the familiar names – Lilets, Tampax, Always etc) and they send you enough to cover you for the whole ordeal, including varieties in absorbencies and the choice of night-time specific products.

When you sign up you enter the dates for your lady cycle so the box is delivered a few days beforehand…you know…right around that time where you really do need to eat all the chocolate in the world-

-which is handy because as well as the actual essentials, the Pink Parcel also includes lots of treats that should damn well be counted as essential. The “for you” box contains different treats every month that should help lift the veil of rage/emotional distress/need to eat chocolate that comes with the ever charming time of the month.

My box contained six little treats; first up a Divine Caramel Milk Chocolate bar [£1.00 – 40g] that is genuinely divine and  a Pukka Detox tea bag[£2.49 – 20 bags] which I LOVE. I’m a huge fan of Pukka teas and I always love the chance to try a new flavour! The Balance Activ PH Balances Feminine Wipes [£1.97are an obvious but welcome addition, perfect for throwing in your handbang (and they are flushable!). I was super excited when I saw (or rather smelt!) the Flamingo Candles Pomegranate and White Fig Scent Melt [£2.00], it’s a really unique fragrance and I can’t wait to stick it in a burner – a perfect pick-me-up for PMT really!

Finally the really good stuff – the Max Factor False Lash Effect 24hr mascara [£11.99] is worth more than the standard monthly subscription alone, and although I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly drawn to this particular mascara, I certainly won’t turn down the chance to give it a try! I’ll admit that Made in Chelsea can be a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, so I was vaguely aware that Binky had released her own make-up rage, however I wasn’t expecting it to be priced so lowly! The Binky London lipstick in Romance [£2.95is a gorgeous glossy and very pigmented red, the exact sort of shade I would choose for myself actually, and so was the perfect addition to this box of treats.

I’m definitely very pleased with my first Pink Parcel, and I think it’s totally worth every penny. The first box is only £5.95 including P&P, and further boxes are £9.99, also inclusive of P&P. When you consider what you would usually spend on “lady products” and then factor in the extra treats, I think it’s fair to say that you are definitely getting your moneys worth!

If you’d like a Pink Parcel of your very own you can subscribe at

Totally hellbent for a well timed and much needed monthly treat!



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