Mark Hill “Straight Talking” Straightening Cream

February 12, 2014



I picked this up along with the Mark Hill Straight Talking Shampoo & Conditioner. Having naturally curly hair, I’m always looking for things to help me iron out the kinks so I figured I would give this a bash. The Shampoo and ¬†Conditioner were both mediocre at best and I can’t say this really wowed me. It’s a little heavy and greasy for my hair and I didn’t notice it making my life any easier. The smell is Okay, although I have other products that I would rather use. The directions say to blend through damp hair and blow dry, but I think my hair actually looked worse after blow drying that is usually does! (Think Marge Simpson’s sisters and your almost there)

Overall I can’t say I was that impressed and probably wont be purchasing anything from this range in the near future, which is a shame because I quite liked the animal print packaging! Maybe that’s what lured me in the first place. (*Narrows eyes*).

If you do want to sample the delight’s of Mark Hill’s Straigtening Cream, you can get hold of it from Boots here for ¬£5.99 – one redeeming feature is that it came in a 150ml tube, which if I’d enjoyed using it would have lasted me for a long while. Alas not this time! However, if you’ve tried this out and you like it – leave us a comment and tell us what you thought!

Totally not hellbent for bad hair product discoveries



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