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Breaking the radio silence

August 25, 2013


I’ve had a unusually quiet online presence over the last week, no new blog posts, no twitter updates and only very brief periodic Facebook visits to check band messages.


Sadly one of my beloved cats, Loki, had to be put to sleep whilst I was away at Sunkfest with Dakesis, and I needed some time in private to grieve and deal with the horrible loss.

Seven days later and it’s no easier to understand how a feline member of my family was fine one day and gone forever the next, but returning my energy to the world around me rather than focusing on my grief is a good step in moving forward.

Vast and sudden change seems to be the recurring theme of my life recently, and thankfully it has not all been for the worse.

Last weekend was the first Dakesis show as a four piece, and despite nerves all around it all went very smoothly. We had one or two very small hiccups with the backing track, but otherwise it was a thoroughly enjoyable set. Lots of compliments both from old fans and new listeners and four Dakesians full of the warm glow of accomplishment.

I’ve always wanted to play an outdoor show where the sun sets throughout our set, and the encroaching night brought a brilliant atmosphere as we moved into the darker heavier numbers. Also there was an epic hair-blowing breeze at the front of the stage that has made me seriously consider getting a stage-fan!

Once our set was over we had a celebratory drink that ended up with us dancing in the rain till the early hours….


.. then we met a man who was half me and half Amie..


..and wrapped the night up with a giraffe suit of course


All in all I had a great weekend with Dakesis and co. that I hope I will remember for positive reasons rather than the bad news we came home to.

I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends and band-mates, especially in times of adversity.


Totally hellbent for my amazing friends.

– Gem


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