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Elf Clearance Haul Part 2

June 7, 2014



It happened again – well actually no, this happened pre “accidental shopping haul” which is why I felt so guilty about going shopping, knowing that I had already ordered a box of goodies from elf. For those that didn’t know, one of their latest deals was a free “Mystery Collection” (worth £15) when you spent £20 in the clearance section, as well as free p&p. What actually happened, is Gemma asked me whether or not she should go ahead with her elf order (you can check out her haul here), I asked her what she had put in her basket and instead of being the good friend and telling her she didn’t need any more blusher, before I could begin typing my supportive message to her over Skype, I had already filled my elf basket and purchased my order.

Bad Pants … very bad Pants. So what exactly did I order? How many of these did I need? (Absolutely none of them … at all!!!!)

 Mysterious Nail Polish Set – £2.25

Beach Party Nail Polish Set – £2.25

Studio Cream Blush in “Flirt” – £3.25

Studio Cream Blush in “Tease” – £3.25

Primer Eyeshadow in “Sexy Silver” – £2.50

Tinted Moisturiser in “Porcelain” – £2.25

Mineral Lipstick in “Ripe Rose” – £2.00

Mineral Lipstick in “Cool Coral” – £2.00

Mineral Lipstick in “Cheerful Cherry” – £2.00



Mystery Collection in “Movie Star” – £15.00

Because I spent £20 in the clearance section, I could choose a “Mystery Collection” for free, worth £15. There were three to choose from; Movie Star, Diva and Night Owl, but after seeing a glimmer of red in the preview, I hoped for the best and bet on Movie Star. Boy am I pleased with my decision, these products all look absolutely perfect and luckily are all things that I usually wear.

Included in the “Movie Star Mystery Collection” were:

Flirty Lash Collection – This includes 2 eyelash sets, an adhesive glue and a pair of tweezers for easy application.

Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in “Gunmetal”

Mineral Eye Brightener – ( I think in layman’s terms, this is pretty much just a highlight/eye-shadow base)

Studio Lip Gloss Stick in “Movie Star”

Look out for some full reviews of some of these products very soon. Despite me not needing anything I bought, I’m pretty excited at being able to play with some of these, especially in time for festival season. If you fancy a little elf streak, check out their website at and see what offers they have to lure you into a purchase!

Totally hellbent for free gifts that come in my colour


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The Vegan Kind June Box

June 7, 2014


I had completely forgotten that my #TVK8 box was on it’s way, so I was pleasantly surprised when I answered the door to the postman to be greeted by this month’s box. If you haven’t seen any of my other Vegan Kind posts, it’s a monthly subscription box that has 4-5 Vegan and cruelty free products in, usually snacks and nibbles with at least one lifestyle and beauty product. Each month, 10p of each box is also donated to a charity and this month they have chosen The Fox Project, which you can read more about here.

Inside #TVK8


Ten Acre ‘The Story of when the Cheese met the Onion’ Crisps (RRP £0.85)

I do enjoy discovering gluten free Vegan crisps, and what better way to kick the box off than with a packet something that ticks both of these boxes. Although the best thing of all is that there was only one packet in the box, because the calorie content at a wopping 201 calories per 40g bag is enough to last me a week in terms of snacking! Having said that, the ingredients are fairly minimal, the packaging is adorable and so is the Ten Acre website. After a heavy gym session, I am defo tucking into these bad boys.

If you fancy passing some time and checking out their story and adventure filled website amongst some of their yummy Vegan crisp flavours, head on over to


Sativa Shakes Strawberry and Banana Protein Powder (RRP £2.99)

Gem and I may have mentioned in some of our posts a) we are currently on a massive fitness drive and b) we are trying our hardest to overcome the last few Cheese hurdles in becoming 100% Vegan. One of the downsides for us of leading a 98% Vegan lifestyle, is our lack of Protein and Iron, but the past few months we have been switching to raw smoothies and juices, cramming in as many fruit and vegetables as our breakfast cups will hold to get out 10 a day. We’ve also been experimenting with Hemp powder, Chia Seeds and a few other super foods to try and boost our protein pre and post workout. I’m quite sure that this little packet will come in handy, it says to mix the contents with 200ml of water or preferred beverage, but I will probably add this to a smoothie and only use a quarter of a packet at a time. If you are looking for Vegan Protein powder, I would definitely recommend taking a look at Sativa, their prices are competitive to the average protein powder provider, and they have a lot more information on their products if you are unsure on what to purchase.

For more products, visit the Sativa website here.


Mr Organic Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (RRP £2.99)

I’m very much a “DIY” person when it comes to cooking and try to avoid the use of jars or processed food if I can help it, so I may have judged just a little when this little jar was lifted from the box. Having said that, it’s gluten free, Vegan (obviously) and only has natural ingredients, of which there are only 8. I can definitely live with this and will probably enjoy drizzing this over some Zero Pasta or adding it to some home made Tortilla Pizza’s. This is also an ingredient for this month’s recipe card. A little pricier than I would usually pay, but probably justifiable if you are trying to lead more of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Click to view the Mr Organic Website


inSpiral Raw Chocolatey Superfood Bites (RRP £1.30)

I first tried some of the inSpiral kale crisps which came in an earlier Vegan Kind crisps, and although the flavour was a little too salty for me Gem really enjoyed finishing off the packet. These are little granola bites packed full of fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grains, described as the “ultimate organic fitness food” with seven vegan protein sources, I really hope we get on. In theory, I should thrive off these and even though I love fruit and nuts, there is something about the texture and taste of sultana’s and dates that I absolutely despise, which is a bit rubbish since most Vegan and Organic food is packed full of these ingredients. Alas I’m going to dive in feet first with an open mind. They also have banana granola bites which seem a lot more up my street so perchance I’ll be making a ‘superfood’ purchase from their website soon. Did I forget to mention that the packaging is biodegradable and can be composted at home? Love it!

Get composting with their product range here


Peppy Galore Diva Toner/ Refreshing Facial Spray (RRP£4.95)

Hello there natural organic facial toner/cooling spray for sensitive skin. Where have you been hiding all this time? I absolutely love finding cruelty free beauty products and it’s also a big part of my subscription to The Vegan Kind, amazing products like this really do make it worthwhile. As I am someone who’s skin is more temperamental than a pubescent incoming teen, I really do have to be careful when applying products, because if my skin has decided that actually it’s Monday, I don’t really fancy the moisturiser you’ve been using for the past three weeks today – I generally end up with inflamed and irritated skin and with a face that could probably pass for an intimate picture of a variety of STDs. (Thanks skin, I really love you too). The less alcohol and nasty ingredients, usually the better for me and I can apply safely, knowing  I’m not going to be mistaken for a tomato half way through the day. This contained rose water which gives it a beautifully refreshing fragrance and feels so delicate on my skin. Not forgetting the fact this can be used as a facial mist too! Kerching … hello extreme festival heat, meet my new friend!

Check out the Peppy Galore site for a range of no nonsense, no nasty products.


Finally, this month’s recipe card is for a “Pineapple Sunshine Deep Crust Pizza” which looks delicious and includes “cashew Parmesan” – a nice Vegan way for me to put my nutritional yeast to use. Of course this will be living in my Vegan Kind folder which is sent to you on your third box.

I’ve really loved this month’s selection and I genuinely can’t wait to tuck into all of these delights and mostly, enjoy the facial toner at some upcoming festivals. To subscribe to The Vegan Kind, simple head over to their website here, each box is £10 + £2.99 p&p and is absolutely fantastic for discovering some hidden Vegan gems!

Have you subscribed to this box? Do you have any particular Vegan fav’s?

Totally hellbent for Vegan facial care just in time for festival season





Elf Clearance Haul & Swatches

June 6, 2014
ELF Eyes Lips Face Clearance Haul

ELF Eyes Lips Face Clearance Haul


Yes I went shopping again, but as I did it in my pyjamas does it really count? My bank balance says so. However thankfully this massive haul came at a very purse friendly price of £20ish, ELF prices are low even at the full whack, but with a huge clearance sale and a free gift I definitely got more than my moneys worth!

Here are my swatches and first impressions of the haul, as well as the contents of the free gift.


ELF Baked Blush

Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky, Pinktastic, Passion Pink & Rich Rose [£1.98]

A girl can never have too many blushers, right? I hope not because this is a very blush heavy haul! These four are all absolutely lovely, though they have a fair bit of shimmer which I know some people like to avoid for cheek products. Rich Rose is looking like my favourite at the moment but I’m looking forwards to giving them all a good try out!

Elf Baked Bronzer in St Lucia

Baked Bronzer in Saint Lucia – [£1.98]

As a happily pale lady I  never use bronzer all over, but I’m always on the look out for great subtle contour products and I think this is one would be a perfect shade for me if it wasn’t quite so shimmery. I’ll probably use this as a light blush when I get a bit of colour to my skin over summer, but if you are pale but still like to bronze up I’d wager this is well worth trying out.

ELF Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 Porcelain

Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 – Porcelain [£2.25]

I don’t like wearing too much base in the hotter months, but I do like to layer up the SPF. This is very thin coverage, but feels very light on the skin, perfect for those no-make-up-make-up days.

ELF Cream Blush Vixen

Studio Cream Blush in Vixen – [£3.25]

I remember everyone going crazy for these when they first came out, and I somehow managed to overlook them at the time. I was surprised at how huge the pot it, definitely something to leave on the dressing table rather than squeeze into a make-up bag. The pigmentation is very bold but it does blend out very easily, just use cautiously if you are in a hurry!

Elf Nail Set Mysterious

E.L.F Essential 3-Piece Nail Polish Set in Mysterious – [£2.25]

I have a love/hate relationship with ELF polishes, and picked this up as I own the middle shade (Metal Madness)  but find the consistency too gunky, I was hoping it was just a problem with that bottle but unfortunately it seems the formula  must be to blame. The purple and Navy shades are lovely though and I do like the adorable mini-bottles.

Elf Primer Eyeshadow Sexy Silver

Primer Eyeshadow in Sexy Silver [£1.25]

I adore my Elf Eye Primer and use it almost every day, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try a darker shade that doubles up as a colour it it’s own right.  It’s very metallic and shimmery but could only really be used with similar or darker shades.

Elf Baked Eyeshadow Dusk

Baked Eyeshadow in Dusk [£1.98]

I love wearing smoky silver eye looks on stage and seem to have built quite a collection of silver shades (Three alone in this haul! Eek!) Dusk is very pigmented and works well over the top of the Sexy Silver primer. The pan is huge, the same size as the blushers so I imagine it will go off long before I can manage to use it all!

Diva collection

Diva Mystery Collection – Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellas [£2.95], HD Blush in Diva [£4.50], Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Pitch Black [£3.95] & Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Celebration [£3.95]

I was pleasantly surprised by the “Diva collection” free gift, and all four are things I will definitely get wear out of. I already have a few of the Jumbo Gloss Sticks and they’re great for throwing on a quick wash of colour. The Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon is going right in my festival make-up bag as the thought of rain resistant black eye-liner that can be blended into waterproof black eye-shadow excites me quite a lot. The HD Blush in Diva is going to take some getting used to, I managed to get it all over my hands whilst trying to do a swatch and it is extremely bright, pigmented and easy to get absolutely everywhere! Finally last but not least another silver eye-shadow to add to the collection!

Did you pick any bargains up in the Elf clearance sale?

Totally hellbent for thinking three silver eye-shadows and seven blushers in one haul is completely acceptable.

– Gem


Free Ciaté Nail Polish & Caviar Set with Marie Claire

June 5, 2014


I know that both Gem and I have said in some of our last few posts that we are on a spending ban, but when we found out we could grab a Ciaté bargain, we just couldn’t help ourselves. (It’s 100% Gemma’s fault for actually telling me about this.)

If you haven’t seen these already, you can grab yourselves a free Ciaté Nail Polish and Caviar set with the June issue of Marie Claire, worth £10 each. Each issue of Marie Claire is just £2.50, meaning you can pick up all six sets for just £15 instead of £60.


Gem and I went on a bit of a wild goose chase trying to track down some of these colours, but thankfully managed to complete the set and what a beauty they all are, especially lined up next to each other! My favourite by a mile has got to be the Sunset Shimmer set, which is a bright red and the Starry Night set, which is a very pale blue and absolutely stunning.

Have you picked up any of these sets yet? If so which ones?

Totally hellbent for blaming Gemma for spending money whilst on a spending ban!



ETOS Feather Effect Nail Polish in Blue Bird and Purple Bird

June 4, 2014
ETOS Feather Nail Polish Purple Bird Blue Bird

ETOS Feather Nail Polish Purple Bird Blue Bird

If you read a lot of our posts you will no doubt know that I have a long distance relationship with a delectable Dutch man, which means I often just pop over to the continent (Sounds very swish and glamorous when I put it like that!) for mini breaks to see him. Of course I take a keen interest in Holland’s cosmetics, and of the few I’ve actually tried this brand is my favourite.

Etos  is the Dutch the equivalent of Boots  or Superdrug, selling drugstore to mid-range cosmetics  on every other street corner. I’ve got quite a few different colours and finishes from their range and they all cost a bargainous  €2.00 –  €3.50. I picked up Blue Bird  and Purple Bird  on special offer so got both for  €3.00. 

I’m really into my glittery nails but I’m trying to ease off the all-over-in-your-face-sparkle-argh-you’re-burning-my-eyes-with-your-disco-ball-nails, so I’ve been flittering around with a couple of Barry M  confetti polishes and decided I could definitely add to my “subtle glitter” nail collection.

Blue Bird  and Purple Bird  are both clear polishes with rectangle slithers of glitter. The swatches below are only one coat, so I theorize that each pot will last approximately forever…


ETOS Feather Nail Polish Purple Bird Blue Bird


The drying time was very quick,and the bonus with such glittery topcoats is that you (usually…hopefully!) get a few extra days out of your manicure because the clear polish adds a layer of protection over the colour beneath.

I got five days out of this stuff on my nails, not bad for a budget own-brand!

Unfortunately Etos polishes aren’t available in the UK, but everyone knows someone off on a weekend trip to Amsterdam, right?

Volledig hel gebogen voor mijn nederlands pools collectie (en de nederlandse vriendje is niet slecht;))

– Gem



Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick in “Vixen” Review

June 3, 2014


I am a terrible person, a terrible person indeed. So terrible in fact, that this lovely lipstick has been sat unopened in my “to review” pile since I bought it about three month’s ago. I was so eager and excited to try the Sleek Lipsticks out and when I finally relented and picked up “Vixen” in a 3 for 2 haul at Superdrug, the least I could have done was give this the time and attention it deserved instead of leaving it alone in a box!

Having said that, there was absolutely no way I could have worn this, without first photographing it whilst it remained pristine in all it’s glory – before the end became smudged and coated with all the best bits that get left behind in the bottom of my bag.

Despite already having a vast collection of red lipsticks, I really do get sucked in to an eye catching red and beautiful packaging, which is exactly how this purchase came about. At £4.99 this was slightly more justifiable to purchase because I picked up a few other products on the way, reaping the 3 for 2 benefits and I’m glad I was unable to resist temptation because I love it. The case has a very appealing matte black texture, giving it the feel of something far more luxurious than it should be. Not the typical square or cylinder style for a lipstick, but more of an oval shape and slightly smaller than other brands – however still packed with the same amount of lip smacking colour than any of it’s other counterparts. The colour is a classy bright pillar-box red and it glides on beautifully. This contains Vitamin E which seems to be a pretty standard feature across a range of lipsticks these days, which is fine by me as I welcome a product that hydrates my lips, meaning I get more wear for my buck.

I love absolutely everything about this lipstick – I love holding it, I love applying it, I love taking the lid off, I love twisting it in and out and watching the beautiful red pop into view but most of all, I love that it is now mine. I’ve already got my eye on some of the other shades, especially the (yup you guessed it) Coral shades which you can check out here.

Once again Sleek have delivered exactly what it says in their name – a beautifully “Sleek”, yet classy product with a touch of luxury that doesn’t break the bank balance.

Do you have any Sleek favourites at the moment?

Totally hellbent for popping some cheerful luxury into my handbag and lusting over packaging


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An Accidental Haul Part 2

June 2, 2014


You know when you really shouldn’t go shopping but you do anyway? Well I blame Pants entirely (and you can see her haul post here!) and can’t be held responsible for my inability to say no to a good bargain shop! As we are both supposed to be saving money for festival season at the moment we limited ourselves to only four shops – Primark, Superdrug, Boots and Poundland.


Primark Boots

Boots – Primark  £10

I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt as I bought these as Pants had been after them for ages, but they only had clown sizes left! Luckily I’m a UK size eight shoe, so I always seem to get the best of the sales. I’ve got some customization plans for these, studs and chains and basically all the things Pants wanted to do to hers (sorry…not sorry Pants!). I figure they’ll get plenty of wear on stage, and even though they have a heel, it’s not too unreasonable to think I might be able to last a few bands at a festival in them.

Primark clothes

Black Dress & Lepoard Print Dress – Primark £5 each

I already have both of these dresses in other colours, but they’re so comfortable and perfect to throw on with a pair of leggings and some boots for work, that I always pick up a couple more whenever I’m on a Primark binge.

3/4 Leggings – Primark £2.50

It was warm enough to show my calves for about three minutes last week, but I got these just in case we have another five minutes of summer!

Lace Skirt – Primark £3.00

I couldn’t help picking up this lacy skirt, I have always had a weakness for black lace! I’m planning on turning this into either a mini or a strapless dress for stage, and the best thing is if it all goes wrong I’m sure I can do something crafty with my bargain find!

The Little Mermaid Pyjamas – Primark £8.00

I saw these cropping up a few times on my Instagram feed, and knew I had to have them! My PJ collection is quite ridiculously large now, but when they are this cute I can’t help but add to it!

Primark bits

Zebra Tote Bag – Primark £1.50

As you can probably tell from my current bedspread, I love zebras! You can never have enough totes (especially if you are eco-friendly and prefer not to pick up new plastic bags every time you go shopping!) and you can definitely never have enough adorable zebra-in-pink-stilettos-totes.

Shoe Liners – Primark £2.50 & Socks – Primark £2.00

I am physically unable to leave Primark without at least one set of new socks. Not the most exciting of things, but I just adore the feeling of brand new fresh socks! I picked up a pack of five shoe liners for the gym and some cute bunny socks!

Embellish 3D manicure set – £1.00

I’m not sure I’ll ever get round to trying out the 3D mani (though I have quite a few sets already! =s) look, as it seems a bit fussy and messy. I do however love the blue shade, so even if I never use the balls I’ll certainly get some wear from the polish.

Red Berries & Orchid Tin Candle – Primark £3.50

I adore scented candles, but what I love even more than that is scented candles that leave you with a pretty storage tin once they’ve burnt away!


Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel – Boots [£2.50]

I’ve started stocking up for festival season, and I never step foot into a field without antibacterial hand gel! Usually they smell of cheap vodka, but this one  smells delicious!

Soap & Glory Flake Away Mini Scrub – Boots  [£2.50]

Another festival essential, I’ll be stocking up on all my favourite minis over the next month so that I’ll have a plethora of nice treats to pack!


MUA Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle – Superdrug [£1.00]

I loved the first five colours released in the MUA Matte Lipstick range (reviewed here) so I knew I had to get the two new colours recently released. I found Fawn Fancy a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I’ve been able to put my hand to Lilac Belle. Given how much I’m into pinky/purple lipsticks at the moment I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it!

MUA  Intense Colour Eye-liner in Snow White – Superdrug [£1.00]

The make-up was 3 for 2 in Superdrug, and even though I didn’t really need this, I figured why not. My old white eye-liner was getting a bit crumbly, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

MUA Inense Colour Lip-Liner in Red Drama – Superdrug [£1.00] was 3 for 2…did I already say that. I definitely didn’t need this.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Figer & Toe Twines – Superdrug 0.74p

One of my toe separators has gone missing so I figured why not try these out as they were only 74p on clearance!

Poundland bits

Oil Burner & Tealight Holder – Poundland £1 each

I’ve been looking for a new burner for my Yankee Candle tartlets for a while, but I’m glad I held out because this one is lovely and much cheaper than some of the others I was eyeing up! I couldn’t resist the cute little lantern, it’s intended for outdoor use but I think it will look just as lovely on my vanity!

Travel Bottle Sets – Poundland £1 each

More early festival prep, but I also use these a lot in general anyway. Between the band and a boyfriend overseas I spend a lot of time in transit, so it’s useful to be able to take a small wash-bag full of minis and small bottles.

Johnsons Baby Cotton Pads, Screen Wipes & Zebra Pens – Poundland £1 each

Just a few of the more boring essentials I needed to pick up, though the zebra pens were a great bargain as I usually pay about £3.99 for a set elsewhere.

W7 Rock ‘N’ Roll Eye Shadow in Envy and Sage – Poundland £1 each

Oh my god. Why has no-one thought to put loose pigment in a roller ball before? (If they have please spam me with links so I can buy them all!). I was having  a good search around the otherwise bare beauty section and I idly found an open tube to test out on the back of my hand. All I can say is I was blown away by how pigmented and mess-free they are! I love loose mineral shadows, especially glittery ones, but I always make such a mess – with these tubes you can get the colour right where you want it without any fall-out at all! I’ve already spotted a few other colours here that I just have to pick up!

So overall not too much damage done to my bank balance, but some nice treats and bargain finds that will tide me over till the next time my shopping urges appear!

Totally hellbent for “oh what the hell lets go shopping” days!

– Gem


Nip + Fab Clean Fix Gel Review

June 2, 2014


I finished using this facial cleanser a few weeks ago and it has since joined the box of “empties” waiting to be reviewed. After my 3 month love affair with this product (yes it lasted a whole 3 months!), I’m finally ready to ‘come out’ and spill the beans at how much I actually enjoyed using this.

This was actually purchased on my last Nip+Fab haul in September, which you may recall (see my post here) and when purchasing some Dry Leg Fix, I accidentally *cough* purchased the Skin Fix Web Exclusive for £7.99 which included Scrub Fix Facial Polish, Shine Fix mattifying gel (which I gave to Gem), No Needle Fix Serum sample and the Clean Fix Gel.

I’ve been using this as my “in shower” facial cleanser, which usually I only go for exfoliating scrubs whilst I’m in the shower, and the milder cleansers are used in the morning at the sink. Despite it’s lack of exfoliation, I actually really enjoyed using this. It made my skin feel very fresh and clean, the amount of lather was perfect and it didn’t irritate my skin. After using it I felt very “fresh faced”, it also lasted absolutely ages and by the time I’d finished the last of this, I was pretty sad at the prospect of having to remove it from the shower and move onto my next product.

After spending so much time in the shower with this, I’m no longer afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone and going for a more ‘traditional’ cleanser, that doesn’t have the comforting feeling of rubbing sandpaper on my face.

Sadly, after trawling the Nip + Fab website, I couldn’t find this so I wonder if it’s been discontinued or re-branded – (unfortunately in doing this, I have also found at least ten products that I now want to purchase!) however there are a few online sites that are still selling this, Amazon being one of them for £10.00 which you can check out here.

I’m definitely going to be picking up a few more facial products from Nip + Fab. Have you tried any of the Nip + Fab facial products? I’d love to know what you thought in the comments section below.


Totally hellbent for surprisingly amazing facial cleansers




Sunday Scents: Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

June 1, 2014
Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

Being a vegetarian the sweets of my youth are often completely off limits due to frankly revolting ingredients of animal origin, but Chupa Chups fruit lollies are one of the treasured few that are not only vegetarian but vegan!  I’ve been able to continue loving Chupa Chups sugary scents (and flavours!) well into my cruelty free lifestyle so when I saw this candle in Poundland I knew it was definitely for me!

I wasn’t expecting too much from it, and it’s not the most fragrant candle I’ve ever used, but actually it has a gorgeous sugary strawberry scent that filled the room in a few minutes.

There was no burn time listed on the packaging, but it’s a decent 85g so should last out a good few hours – I’ve had it going since this morning and it’s got plenty of life left in it.

You’re not going to find the richest true scents in a candle that only costs £1.00, but if you want a quick sugary fix that is very reminiscent of the confectionery branding I’d definitely recommend checking this candle out.

Have you tried the Chupa Chups Strawberry candle, or any others from the range?

Totally hellbent for cheap thrills and sugary treats!

– Gem