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Essential repurchases from The Body Shop

September 29, 2014
The Body Shop Mini Haul

The Body Shop Mini Haul

With the near constant special offers available at The Body Shop I never have to wait too long to grab my essentials at way below the high street price! I was pretty sensible this time and managed to get an absolute bargain on four of my all time favourite products.

Vanilla Body Mist (£7.50)

This is my absolute favourite body mist in the world – I think I’m onto my sixth or seventh bottle by now. I like to take this along to gigs to freshen up after an hour on a sweaty stage, and despite the glass bottle I’ve luckily never had any accidents!  I always get a lot of compliments on this scent and find that it easily lasts as long as a good EDP. There are a few other fragrances I’d like to try from The Body Shop (especially the Raspberry EDT that Pants reviewed here)but I find that I come back to this one time and time again.

Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel (£4.00)

My favourite of all the fruity shower gels on offer (With the new Argon Oil range there are now 10 different delicious scents!). I really think you can’t beat The Body Shop for shower products in this price range and I’m super-eager to finish off the bottle of scrumptious Honeymania I’m half way through at the moment so I can delve into this berry heaven.

Strawberry Soap (£2.00)

I’ve never been a fan of using soap on my skin, this is actually what I use for washing my make-up brushes. Unorthodox I know, but it’s the fastest way I’ve found yet and The Body Shop soaps are vegan friendly unlike some of the dedicated brush cleaners out there.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£11.00)

This was one of the first products I ever tried from The Body Shop and remains a firm favourite years later. Pants is the undisputed queen of the Vitamin E range (as demonstrated in her posts here and here!) but I always find myself dipping in and out of this simple but reliable face cream between other favourites. This is also the perfect moisturiser for mixing in with foundation on those days when you want a lighter finish.


So there you have it, one very restrained mini Body Shop haul that should have cost £24.50 but swung it’s way to me for a bargainous £11.09!

The offers change all the time but currently you can get 30% off when you buy three items or 40% off when you buy five items both in store and on-line with the code RADIANCE, so if you’re planning on restocking or trying something new head over to The Body Shop now where you can also bag free delivery on orders over £25!

Totally hellbent for reliable favourites

– Gem


Avon Naturals – Spiced Orange & Ginger

September 20, 2013


Autumn is definitely here, and the first thing it makes me crave is thick warm comforting scents.

The newest fragrance from Avon Naturals seemed to promise just that with it’s creamy apricot colour and image of a juicy orange, cinnamon sticks, star anais and ginger.

Avon naturals Spiced Orange and Ginger

The scent is only available as hand & body lotion, shower gel and fragrance spritz, which is minimal considering their last naturals scent releases spread across haircare and body whips too.

I’m a big fan of the naturals range, but the spiced orange & ginger scent just seems a little too artificial for me, especially the fragrance spritz.

The fragrance spritz is a re-brand and slightly different formula from the Naturals room and linen spray, meaning it can now be used both on fabrics and on skin. As much as I love a good multi-tasker I think I will be sticking to it’s original use, the scent is just too thick and unnatural to wear on the body. I don’t want to walk around smelling like a seasonal air freshener!

The shower gel and hand & body lotion are much lighter on the scent and will do just fine throughout autumn, but I hope Avon pulls out something amazing for a Christmas fragrance.

Shower gel 200ml £2.60

Hand and body lotion 200ml £3.00

Fragrance Spritz 100ml £4.00

Available  for the intro price of 99p each in Avon campaign 17 from your local rep or the Avon website.


Totally hellbent for autumnal delights

– Gem