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The tardis festival bag.

July 11, 2013

I do enjoy hand bags of all varieties – although mostly ones that are red and full of pockets for me to store all sorts of things in. Years ago, however, my sole reliance was on my backpack which is sadly dying the death of overused, overfilled and overworn.

At festivals, you need something that you can have on your back or over your shoudler, that is going to remain attached to you even when intoxicated. The sort of bag that does not require effort to carry or hold – like your average woman’s “shoulder handbag”.

My first year at Wacken in 2006 was where I invested in my new, universal, festival/all rounder metal bag which has served me well and keeps on giving the gift of practicality, space and the ability to fill with patches!!

Unlike my backpack, if I want to indulge in some headbanging wherever I am, I don’t have to take my bag off and put it on the floor, it remains attached to me over my head and resting on my shoulder.

Despite it’s size, I can fit a lot of stuff in there too!

  • Purse
  • Phone
  • Handwash
  • Keys
  • Separate purse for euros
  • A t-shirt (for new purchases)
  • A drink
  • (as well as tobacco, filters, life time supply of rizzla and lighters when I was a smoker)

I can also attach shopping bags to it as the handle “clips on” so in times of heavy intoxication, I always arrive at the tent with all new shinies, and the entire contents of my bag. I’ve noticed over the years that other people have jumped on the wagon with these and they seem to be a popular choice for the avid female festival goer.

Alas, here is mine … and an example of just some of the things I can get into it!




Above, with more than ample room for keys/passport/plastic cups etc, I comfortably fit my very large purse, a bottle of water, hand wipes, alcohol gel, sun cream and a t-shirt! Some of the essentials for festival life.

So there you have it –
Completely hellbent for practical bag space!

– Pants