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NYC Rock Muse Collection and Swatches

November 13, 2013

One of my favourite nail brands + glitter + rock music influences names = win.


There are four colours in the NYC Rock Muse collection and I managed to grab them all across two different trips to Superdrug. I’ll admit it was the polish names, subtle (and not so subtle!) nods to some rock greats that made me need these, but I’m actually a big fan of glitter polishes anyway so I’m sure they would have ended up in my possession one way or another!


NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat 01

Rock Muse is a smoky black with silver micro and hexagonal glitter. You could likely get away with wearing this alone, but it really comes into it’s own over a black base.


NYC Rock Muse Gold Maiden 04

Gold Maiden is a clear polish with gold micro glitter and silver hexagonal glitter. I like the look of this in the bottle, but think the silver clashes a little over a gold base.


NYC Rock Muse Red Hot 05

Red Hot is a clear polish with silver micro glitter and silver hexagonal glitter. This looks gorgeous over a bright red, though at the moment I’m wearing it over a deeper richer red and it looks just as lovely.



Rock Muse Smoky Top coat Green Day 06

Green Day is a smoky black with silver micro glitter and green hexagonal glitter. I wasn’t impressed with this one on it’s own but I think it’s the most beautiful of the set over a black. The silver glitter seems to have a slight bluey/green hue under lights that looks fantastic!


NCY Rock Muse Collection Swatches

All four dried reasonably quickly, and do built up enough to wear alone with enough coats. I like that they don’t feel too rough for glitter polishes (though I’d advise adding a clear topcoat if you really hate the scratchy glitter feeling).  They will definitely be getting some wear over the festive period and beyond!

Rock muse 01 is available for £1.99 from the Superdrug website and the others are available in store.

Totally hellbent for tarting up with topcoats!

– Gem


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Make-up, Nails

An Accidental Haul

October 24, 2013


We set out for our little shopping trip yesterday with a thrifty mindset and a small budget. Four hours later that all went out the window! We’ve added links where the items are available online, otherwise you’ll have to hit the highstreet and track them down yourself!

Red links are Amie’s treats and blue are Gemma’s treasure, black things we both picked up!

In our defence we did start off well so first up is the charity shop treasure we found. Our intention was to find things we could craftily turn into cake stands and we did at least succeed in that.




Candle stick – £1.50

Studded belt – £1.25

Glass plates – £1

After that it all started to go downhill (at least for our bank balances, our mood certainly went uphill!) when we dared to venture into Superdrug. 3 for 2 on cosmetics is too good of an offer to resist really isn’t it.



NYC Rock muse in Red hot – £1.99

NYC Rock muse in Gold Maiden – £1.99

NYC Rock muse in Rock Muse – £1.99 (Free)

NYC Disco Inferno top coat – £1.99

NYC In a New York Minute in Lexington Yellow – £1.79

NYC in a New York Minute in Prince Street – £1.79 (Free)


MUA Glamour Days eyeshadow palette – £4.00

MUA Stary Night eyeshadow palette – £4.00


MUA Pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit – £3.50 (Free)


MUA Heaven and Earth palette – £4.00

nyc nails

NYC in a new york minute in High Line Green – £1.79

NYC Foil Explosion in Magic Earth – £1.99 (free)

technic party brights in Sunset Strip – £0.99 (from Bodycare)


Vaseline Paint The Town – £3.49




It was a complete accident that we fell into Sallys and happened to find two OPI Rock Goddess sets.We’ve been lusting over this for ages and it’s always out of stock so we grabbed them gleefully and spent the next ten minutes talking ourselves out of getting the Mariah Christmas sets too (with a promise that we will get them next time…)

OPI Rock Goddess -£12.95

The poundland search for Revlon nail varnish came up trumps as always and we chose two gorgeous shades at a massive discount.


Revlon Scented Varnish in Grape Fizz – £1.00

Revlon Matte Suede in Fire Fox – £1.00

We then realized that all the charity shops were closed and that we had sort of diverted from our immediate task with the promise of cosmetics, so we decided a quick peek around home bargains might bring us some last minute treasure.


Gemspa body butter in Calming Amber – £0.99

Skull Halloween Shot Glasses

Halloween shot glasses – £0.59


Craft storage box – £0.59

Star cookie cutters – £0.99

Drawer dividers – £0.99

Seeing as we DID get what we set out for, and found a whole host of treasure all at super bargain prices I don’t think we did too badly! A whole bunch of swatches and reviews will be coming very soon!

Totally hellbent for shopping trips with a bad influence

– Gem & Pants




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