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MUA “Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette” – The Studded Palette Review

March 13, 2014



When Gem and I had heard MUA had launched a “studded” palette under their Luxe range, our imaginations ran wild with what many delights this could entail, and thankfully a lot of this ran true. As suspected, they had released a beautiful palette, covered in gold studs. What could be more heavy metal than that?

During the festive period, this was sold out everywhere, including direct from the MUA website, but luckily Gem had procured this for my birthday in February – adding to the many many spoils she had already purchased. I was literally overjoyed when I opened this and it looks so amazing with my other palettes.

This palette comes with ten beautifully dark yet neutral shades and rather than the usual circular pans, the shadows span the entirety of the palettes inside. It’s also blessed with a large mirror and the usual rubbish sponge applicator which I doubt will ever be used.



Usually MUA have a habit of giving their products numbers instead of names, so my insides danced a little with excitement when I saw they had named this set.

The top row, from left to right: Antique, Bow, Toile, Ruffle, Flounce and Envy are very shimmery shades and swatched beautifully.

The bottom row, from left to right: Sinful, Gothic, Wrath and Envy are more Matte shades and I was really surprised with how well the pigment came through.

Here are the individual swatches:






My favourites are –  Antique a really shimmery pearlesque colour and Lace which has a subtle maroon undertone to it, I also really love Sinful, which is like a very light mauve – I’m really looking forward to experimenting with some of these colours as there is a definite purple hue to some of these, which is not something I’m generally brave enough to try or get away with.

Overall I am mega impressed with the swatches and colours. Honestly – I didn’t even want the palette for the colours when I first cast my eyes upon it, the magpie in me was completely drawn to the packaging and it could have been filled with “My First Corpsepaint” for all I cared so I’m really glad I have another palette that I am going to love and use adoringly.

If you want to get your hands on one of these superb palettes, you can buy them here from Superdrug for £8 – slightly more expensive than their normal palette range, but definitely worth every penny. Be warned though – they sell out fast!

What are your thoughts on the new Luxe range by MUA? We’d love to hear your thoughts down below.

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