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Tip Tuesday – Avoiding Mascara on Your Eyelid During Application

April 15, 2014

Tip Tuesday Mascara Application

Do you ever apply your mascara, and as as you look upwards for that final sweep of your bottom lash thinking you have completed  your look, you peek in the mirror to see you have in fact managed to cover your upper eyelid in mascara since your top lashes weren’t quite dry?

Well to keep today’s Tip short and sweet, apply mascara to your bottom lash first! Honestly, I’ve been applying my mascara this way for years, such a simple change but I’ve never smudged it, or ended up with an eyelid full of mascara since. Give it a go and see what you think.

If you have any suggestions for tips you’d like to read about, let us know in the comments below!

Totally hellbent for perfect mascara application every time



MUA Mascara shade 3 Review

March 17, 2014
MUA Mascara Shade 3 Blue

MUA Mascara Shade 3 Blue

MUA Mascara Shade 3 Blue


You know how it is when you’re casually browsing the MUA stand and you just can’t help picking up a few bits and pieces even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t? Yeah well, that totally happened to me (oops!) and I ended up with a couple of things, this fabulous shade of mascara being one of them!

The tube is opaque plastic and not as I thought clear showing the colour inside. The mascara itself is less greeney/turquoise hued and more blue than the tube, but we’re only talking marginally so it’s not really a massive deal.

The wand is pretty standard with fairly short even bristles, it’s not the best by a long shot but it isn’t completely terrible either.


MUA Mascara Shade 3 Blue


The formula isn’t really anything special either, it wasn’t particularly curling or thickening, however you do have to take into consideration that this is a £1 mascara!

So-so brush and lacklustre formula aside though I actually do really like this mascara. The colour is gorgeous and currently a pretty close match to my hair. It takes a few layers to build up, and you have to be fast because it clumps quite easily, but if you get it right you’re left with a very bold and bright look.

MUA Blue Mascara Shade 3

I won’t be reaching for this on a day to day basis but I’ll definitely bust it out when I fancy a little pop of colour!

Available for £1 from

Totally hellbent for all things turquoise!

– Gem

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Avon Mega-Effects Mascara in Blackest Black Review

August 15, 2013

Avon lashes


No matter what your make-up style, mascara is a staple in pretty much everyone’s cosmetics bag. Every single mascara I own comes in a long tube with a wand…except this one!


mega effects mascara 2

Mega Effects is nothing at all like other mascaras – it features a “new multidimensional wonder-brush” that claims to give “Bold lashes with panoramic volume. Eyes look bigger and lashes look darker, denser and more dramatic. Clump-proof, sweat-proof, non-flaking and non-smudging” .

The packaging is very nice and sturdy and I have to admit, is quite fun to play with! You wiggle the brush and then use the bottom of the container to bend it into your desired shape. The curved bristles are shaped to fit the eye and are quite flexible so you can easily bend it into a shape suitable for you.

mega effects 3

Now this all seems very exciting, no-one has seen anything like this before, right? Well I couldn’t wait to test mine out, so I gave the brush a wiggle and started applying!


mega effects 4


Though the novelty of this product made applying it very fun, this is definitely not something I would reach for if I were in a hurry. Perhaps application gets easier with practice but I found it a little awkward to get the brush from root to tip and it took at least twice as long as a conventional mascara to apply.

The colour is definitely blackest black, and did make my lashes look full, but I have to admit I do still prefer my go-to Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes mascara for ease of application and results.

Worth purchasing for the novelty, and perhaps it will grow on me more in time, but I don’t think it will be making it into my everyday make-up any-time soon.

Avon Mega-Effects Mascara will be available from mid September for the introductory price of £10 (including a free eye pack worth £23 for a limited time only) from your local Avon lady.

Totally hellbent for origional products, even if they arn’t quite perfect for my tastes!

– Gem

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Pants’ June 2013 Spoils

July 11, 2013

I thought I would share some of my favorite spoils with you for this month.


From left to right:

MUA blushers in “Bubble Gum”, “Candyfloss” and “Marshmallow” (check out Gem’s review of these)

Glossybox: Sarah Chapman Skin Tone Perfecting Booster

Beauty UK lipsticks in “naughty” and “vampire”

NYPM lipstick

Glossybox: Me Me Me Long Lasting Gloss in “Indulgent”

Glossybox: Helen E Eyeliner Pencil in “Electric Blue”

Model Co Black Eyeliner and Nude Lip Liner

Model Co Fibre Lashextend Mascara

Collection 2000 Skylash Mascara (a lovely Gem spoil after I helped her in her quest of “operation dressing table” look out for more about that in her blog)

Glossybox: Figs & Rouge Lip balm in Coco-rose

Glossybox: Boss “Jour pour femme” tester


I am most definitely looking forward to trying all of these out!

Totally hellbent for gifts and spoils