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What a week!

September 1, 2013

I promised myself I would blog a lot this week and have hardly posted at all! I do have a very good excuse though….



Yup, that’s my rather inconveniently sprained left hand. I’d like to say I did it doing something terribly exciting but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. No, silly me managed to tear the ligament beneath my thumb…getting out of bed.

So my left hand is completely unusable for a while, and I have to keep it in this very uncomfortable (and ugly – why doesn’t it come in black!) splint at least til my next hospital appointment next Thursday.

The pain seems to be lessening slightly now, and I’m finding it more annoying! One of the (ridiculously vain) reasons I’m most annoyed is that I cant put enough pressure on my thumb to remove my nail varnish, nor manage to slide it into my Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover , so I’ve been repainting the same red over and over!

Guess this means no NOTD posts from me in the foreseeable future! My injury hasn’t hindered my ability to shop online though, so I have no excuse not to write a few reviews with parcels from Fragrance Direct, Avon, Cosmetics Fairy & Ebay either arrived or coming soon!

In band news we had a show in Derby last night which went really well!

Photo credit -  Christopher Jarrett

Photo credit – Christopher Jarrett


I cant decide if my splint was a hindrance to my usual plethora of dramatic hand gestures or an awesome perma-grym-hand! I’m certainly glad that I don’t need to play keyboards at the moment that’s for sure – even with only a mic stand to master I had to fumble about and get Amie’s help to raise up the clip!

Still the night was very enjoyable, and I barely noticed any pain during the set once the adrenaline kicked in. We had lots of compliments and positive words from fans and friends old and new, which is very appreciated in a time of such stark change for the band. It makes me very excited for the future of Dakesis =)


Totally Hellbent for painkillers, ice, helpful bandmates and having a boyfriend willing to cut all my food into little squares for me.

– Gem

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Fanciful Frontwoman

July 11, 2013

It’s been about seven years since I last fronted a band, and now circumstances call me to centre stage again. Now this is only planned as a temporary measure – we recently decided it was in the best interests of the band to move forwards without our ex-frontman and as we search the metalsphere for a new set of iron lungs I am taking over vocal duties.



Knee-slide-alicious! © Stagedive Photography


For those not in the know – singing is actually my first “instrument”. I’m a vocal coach and singing teacher by profession so taking on the vocals themselves won’t be too taxing. Hell – I wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies to most of the songs too so that’s handy. It’s the physical part that is drawing the nerves.


©.Stagedive Photography

©.Stagedive Photography

For the past four years in Dakesis I have stood behind two behemoth keyboards for 90% of the time, and though it will be wonderful to have the freedom of the stage again, I wonder if I have the stage presence and physical stamina to lead the band through an hour of high energy power metal.

Starting this week I’ve been training my ass off (literally) with my lovely boyfriend, I’d love to drop some weight as well obviously, but my main objective is to be able to tear around the stage and give the people a good show for their money! Vocal practice twice a day including a warm up and general technique followed by song rehearsal is something I’m really enjoying and of course practice with the band too.

Our first gig* as a four piece is only a matter of weeks away, and two of those weeks Amie and I will be at Wacken and Bloodstock festivals so time is really of the essence!

Once we’ve got the music down I only have one more concern…what the bloody hell am I going to wear!

Totally hellbent for being front and centre 

– Gem


* Upcoming Dakesis dates with me on lead vocals!

16-18 Aug – Sunkfest
12th September – The RoadHouse, Birmingham
19th October – The Library, Leeds 
29th Nov – 1st Dec – Valkyrian Festival, Hull