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May Favourites – Gemma

May 31, 2014


Boxed Blushers from Benefit [£23.50] and W7 [£1.99 – £3.99]

I don’t know what it is but I love a blusher or bronzer at least twenty times more if it comes in one of these boxes. The two brands I own are worlds apart in price but I’ve been loving every single one of them this month! They take up a lot of space in my make-up bag, but you know I don’t even care – it’s worth it!

The double bonus was that my newest additions (Coralista and Hoola) were practically free! I received Hoola as a gift for changing from a monthly Birchbox to a six month subscription, and then tallied up the rest of my points to pick up Coralista for a bargain £3.50!

 Real Techniques Brushes [£5.99 – £23.99]

Oh just all of them.

I’ve been using the duo-fiber set for a long time, but earlier this month I purchased three more sets in this haul and fell completely in love with every single one of them! Special mention has to go to the much coveted Real Techniques Buffing Brush though, I really don’t know how I got so far in life without it! If there was ever a product that actually lived up to it’s blogger-hype it’s this!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette [£37.00]

This was a birthday present from Pants back in March, and I just love love love it! I’d say I use it 9/10 times for my everyday make-up look,  but have taken it to a few gigs with me too and adore the smoky looks I can make with it! Another massively hyped product that I’ve totally fallen for!

Elf cover stick [£1.95]

A rediscovery from my stash – I picked this up on a whim when I needed a quick cover up and my usual concealers were all stashed away in a travel bag. I had completely forgotten how perfectly this matches my skin tone and have worn it in lieu of full foundation every day since the sun decided to rear it’s head over rainy England.

Soigne Nail Varnish [£11.00]

This came in my May Birchbox and I’ve had it on my nails three times since then! I love the formula and the colour is very sleek and classy (not something I usually aim for with my nails!). I don’t think I would justify spending this much on a single nail polish, but I’m definitely going to have a long lasting love affair with the pot I do have!

Slim Pasta Slim Rice Slim Noodles

Slim Pasta, Rice & Noodles [£2.49]

If you’re trying to loose weight these are an absolute godsend! They smell a bit fishy when you open the pack, but once you rinse them and add a sauce or seasoning they really aren’t too dissimilar to their starchy counterparts. If you want to cut down on calories without cutting back on portion size or carbs you should definitely give these a go! They are also vegan and gluten free!

Golden Manowar T-shirt

Golden Manowar T-shirt [$29.95]

Alright I’ll admit, this is the most disgusting, garish thing I own, but I just adore it. I picked it up at the Birmingham one-off show in 2011 and have worn it to absolute death since then! It’s actually far too big for me now, but I can’t get enough of it’s deliciously tacky gold shiny eagle with a six pack.


Hearthstone – Free to play

I’ve been playing far too much Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft this month, it’s like a sort of Magic: The Gathering style on-line card game for the World of Warcraft  universe. It’s free to play (but you can buy extra “card booster packs” for real money) and a lot of fun if you are into this sort of awesome geekery. They’ve just released it for the IPad, and I’m waiting as patiently as I can manage for either an IPhone or Kindle Fire version soon!  You can download it here for free.

 Inferiority Complex by Matt Jones

 The lovely Matty J has been working on some solo pieces in between scoring all the orchestration for our next album, and I’m absolutely blown away by how amazing it is! Of course I’m a little biassed, Matt is my favourite guitarist in the world and one of my absolute best friends, but he has some seriously good technical playing on this track. Even if metal isn’t your thing, give it a try and see – you might like it!


So that’s all the things I’m loving the most this month, are there any of your favourites in my list?

Totally hellbent for finishing this post a little faster so I can go back to my Hearthstone! 

– Gem