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the Balm cosmetics “time balm” concealer

January 30, 2014


I know, I know … January is not the time for spending. But before I’m given the look of disapointment, I didn’t spend a penny! I promise! Thanks to Birchbox though, signing up to that wonderful beauty box of joy means that when I complete surveys on the products I receive, I get points. Luckily for me, these points can be used in their online shop which contains many beautiful products including a favourite of both Gem and I – Benefit. You can find out more about Birchbox here.

Enough of the beauty boxing though – this is the Balm “time balm” concealer. Having been a fan of theirs for a little while now and always wanting to try out new concealers, I figured I would give this a go. What can I say – once again I am totally and utterly in love. It came in quite a dinky screw top clear jar – slightly bigger than an eye shadow dust, but that’s Okay, not only is it packed to the brim but it’s small enough to sneak into my makeup bag when I’m running low on space. Consistency wise it’s nice and thick, but not too overbearing, I’ve worn this both under my foundation and without any at all and it blends beautifully. A nice fluffy brush to buff it in and my skin looks so much better. I’m also pretty impressed at how my skin reacts to this, it hasn’t made my skin feel tight or dry which is often the problem I face and despite looking a little darker, the colour is perfect for my daytime wear, but also works well even with my lightest foundation.


This is definitely a keeper and I even used it with my stage make-up last week. If you want to try this out they are available in the Birchbox shop for £12.00. The one above is in “lighter than light” and perfect for my paler complexion. According to the Birchbox website “It’s so pure that you can wear it 24/7. By day, it serves to hide our puffy circles and other flaws. By night, it works to undo the look of fine lines and wrinkles.” it suggests dabbing some under your eyes before bed, but I haven’t been brave enough to try this as I like my skin free from all make-up to sleep in but who knows, maybe I’ll give it a try?

Totally hellbent for hiding unsightly blemishes and red patches



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Elf haul part 1 – Gemma

July 17, 2013

Elf haul 1


I accidentally talked Amie into ordering a massive Elf haul with me on one of their frequent 50% off days recently and here’s what I chose!


Elf haul - primer


Mineral Infused Face Primer – Clear

This has been on my wishlist for a very long time! I love a good primer and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one! I’m also tempted by the green toned one at some point to deal with my awful red cheeks.


Elf clarifying pressed powder


Clarifying Pressed Powder – Ivory

Can’t ever have too many pressed powders, right? This photographed quite dark, but at first look it should be okay for summer. Definitely not Ivory enough for my pasty winter skin though!


Elf haul - concealer stick


All over cover stick – Ivory

Despite having a long term love affair with the much hyped Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I figured I could use something with a little more coverage for stage wear.


Elf haul eye primers


Eyelid Primer – Sheer & Pearl

I’ve been a huge fan of the sheer eyelid primer for a long time, in fact I think this is my third or fourth repurchase, so I figured I’d give the pearl finish a try too.


Elf haul - lip crayon


Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick – Movie Star

Lip crayons have been big news for absolutely ages and I can’t believe this is the first one in my make-up collection! When I try out a new lip product I absolutely always for a bright red because it’s my most worn colour.


Elf haul - lip stain


Lip Stain – Crimson Crush

This has been out of stock for every ELF order I’ve placed since they released the line about a year ago, so I’m very pleased to finally get my hands on it! I love lipstains for day wear as they are so long lasting. Note also bright red!


Elf haul lipstick


Lipstick – Fearless & Nostalgic

Last time I bought Fearless I managed to fall in love with it and swiftly break it in half a few hours later, again this has been out of stock for a while so I grabbed one whilst I could. I love the ELF lipstick formulas so I could have gone mad and happily ordered all the ones I don’t own if Mr. credit card hadn’t frowned at me so sternly.

Nostalgic looks a lot more cream than nude and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t give me “concealer lips”…


Elf haul - brushes


Bamboo flat brush & smudge brush

Like discount eco tools – bamboo handles and synthetic soft bristles. I already have a few brushes from this line and they are lovely.


elf haul - nails


Nail Polish – Metal Madness, Glitter Glam, Chocolate, Fire Coral, Smokey Brown & Innocent. 

I have such terrible issues with my nail varnish collection that I didn’t even realise till the order arrived that I already own two of these…oops! Elf nail polishes aren’t my favourite, but are far from terrible and were only 50p each…I just couldn’t help myself!

Also I have a feeling that I will be very good friends with Metal Madness for a very long time!


So there you have it, now do excuse me whilst I go dive into my big box of make up! Swatches and reviews coming soon as well as Amie’s ELF spoils!

All products can be found at

Totally hellbent for another ELF bargain haul!

– Gem