The “Wham Bam Jan Spending Ban”

January 4, 2014


I. Have. Enough. Make-up.

This is the mantra I will be repeating throughout the whole of this month. Same goes for nail varnish, perfume, skincare and all luxury cosmetics. No more “Oh but it’s on special offer”, no sneaky “Oooh free P&P”. Nothing.

Does that mean I will blog less with no new shinies? Not at all! In fact quite the opposite, as I plan on going through my stash of treasures to find some hidden gems! Plus the fact I was lucky enough to receive enough so many lovely things for Christmas means I have plenty to be getting on with.

If I last the whole month not only will I have saved an absolute fortune but I’ll also have the will to try out so many lovely things that have been purchased and thrown on a “I’ll review this later pile” or at the back of the “I’ll just save this for later” drawers.

So wish me luck on my bravest of quests, I promise to be honest if I fail!

Totally Hellbent for surviving the sales without a simple impulse buy so far!

– Gem

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