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Primark P.S Gel Effect Top Coat Review

April 7, 2014
Primark P.S I Love You Gel Effect Top Coat Review

Primark P.S I Love You Gel Effect Top Coat Review


If you’ve been into Primark recently you’ll likely have noticed that they are rolling out a new line of “P.S” beauty products. In my local shop they seemed to be mostly nail products but I’ve seen reviews popping up of all sorts of things! Being Primark they are all of course at ridiculously low prices with most being only £1.00, this of course lead to a smash and grab style shopping trip that left both Amie and I with a heaving bag full of bargain treasures!

Now given the price I wasn’t expecting much from this top coat, but the luxe packaging made it seem all the more tempting so I thought I’d give it a go. The brush itself was much better than I expected and although it isn’t wide enough to cover the nail in one sweep it applied very well!



As far as looks go I don’t think you can really see any difference at all between the swatches on the left with no top coat and the swatches on the right with one layer of Gel Effect Top Coat.

As for longevity (which is really the most important job of a top-coat in my book!) I tried this with a number of different familiar polishes and I’d say it fought off dreading chipping for maybe a day or so extra, so for £1 you can’t complain too much but it’s hardly an innovative must-have product.

Have you tried anything from the P.S range?

Totally hellbent for one more day at the very least

– Gem


NYC Disco Inferno Topcoat

November 19, 2013

NYC Disco Inferno Top Coat

NYC are really upping the game on glitter topcoats at the moment. As well as  the gorgeous Rock Muse collection (reviewed here) I also spotted this gorgeous stand alone shade Disco Inferno.

A clear base with blue and silver holo glitter, it really has to be seen up close to understand how absolutely gorgeous it is.

NYC Disco Inferno Top Coat

I think it would look great over any complimentary shade but I really love how it looks over the dark blue. (B. Complete 180 Midnight from this months Glossybox) It’s equally stunning over both black (Avon Rapid Black) and white (Avon Star)

You don’t often get such a gorgeous finish with budget brands, but NYC never fail to impress across their nail range. I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything that twinkles on their stand from now on!

I do find it strange that this isn’t a red/orange/yellow tone given the name, but I’ve decided it’s a bit more of a metal inferno and I can’t complain about anything giving me reason to indulge in this most magnificent riff (and THAT chorus)



Available from Superdrug stores for £1.99, I can’t currently find it anywhere on-line but if you find it shoot me link!

Totally hellbent for anything that inspires thoughts of Symphony X!

– Gem