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Facemask Friday

Facemask Friday – The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

December 20, 2013

teatree face mask

I¬†absolutely love tea tree products, one of my firm favourite’s used to be Superdrug’s exfoliating Tea Tree Face Pads before they changed the product slightly and they now don’t seem to resemble sandpaper as closely. (I know I know, bad for your skin but it feels so good!)

When my skin is feeling a bit drab I love using this tea tree face mask from The Body Shop. It’s also probably one of the nicest face masks to apply due to how easily it goes on.

tea tree inside

tea tree face mask swatch

Above – this applies so well to the Skin and I find the coverage is amazing, this face mask also dries hard as you can see below which I generally prefer with masks. The other added bonus to this mask, is that I end up with a dry green face which is wonderful for freaking out my partner Brains.

tea tree mask dry


Another thing I like is that this washes away so well. I generally take mine off in the shower and this rinses with ease. I find I don’t have to spend ages trying to find stealth green residual bits on my face! It also leaves my skin wonderfully soft and feeling full on pampered.

You can pick up The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask in store or online for just ¬£10 (trust me when I say these pots go a long way!) If you have sensitive skin, just ask at your nearest store for a sample before hand and they usually oblige very kindly.

Totally hellbent for facemask’s that make you look like the incredible hulk