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Adventures in Rotterdam

October 27, 2014
Rotterdam Adventures51

  I’m finally back and recovered from my latest trip to the mainland to see my other half, and thought I’d share some of my favourite moments from the trip to cheer me up. Considering how many times I’ve been to Rotterdam now I realised that I’d not seen quite a few of it’s more famous landmarks, so we took a stroll through the north of the city centre¬†where you can find the famous floating cube houses. Just across the…

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Holland Adventures

May 11, 2014

You might have noticed we’ve been very quiet this week! I’ve just returned from the mainland where I spent the week with my lovely boyfriend in his home-town of Rotterdam, NL. Long distance relationships do have massive downsides, but I get a lot of European mini-breaks that help make up for the arduous time spent apart! I ¬†had a lovely week that was filled with lots of time outdoors (despite having thoroughly British weather that couldn’t decide if it wanted…

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