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Poundland Jewellery Mini-Haul

May 6, 2015
Poundland jewellery

Poundland jewellery

Ring holder – £1.00

I love a bargain and on any given shopping trip simply cannot resist a browse around all and any pound shops in the  nearby vicinity. I was aware that Poundland (the undisputed king of all pound shops!) had launched a jewellery range last year sometime, but I’ve never really seen many things that much grabbed my interest. A lot of it looked cheap and nearly all of the pieces in my local stores were gold toned and thus of absolutely zero interest to me, but on our last little foray I spotted quite a few little treasures that I just have to share with you.

First up is the glorious ring holder, now I’ll make a confession right away that the rings on display are actually from Primark, but nevermind that because HELLO FABULOUS RING HOLDER. The hand is made of ceramic and even though I’ve already dropped it twice (oops!) it’s still without any chips or marks. I’d probably have paid quite a lot more than £1 this because it’s frankly amazing. It also comes in white, but as I’m going for a monochrome theme rather than succumbing to all the blogger stereotypes (yeah just ignore those white IKEA brush holders okay???) and buying absolutely everything in white I went for the black one.

Poundland jewellery

Leaf Necklace – £1.00

I’ve seen this in gold about a million times, but I just cannot pull of gold toned jewellery against my skintone so I resisted despite the fact that I adore any sort of trinket and treasure that has leaves or trees on it. Well now it comes in silver so problem solved. This feels the most fragile of the pieces I picked up, but I don’t think I can do that much damage to it just wearing it around my neck…right?


Poundland jewellery

Spiky Black Metal Necklace – £1.00

Okay so it’s not actually called that (none of the pieces are named because this is Poundland we are talking about here people) but it is made of black metal and it is spikey and pointy so the name is perfectly chosen! This is the sort of necklace I see and instantly fall in love with, making me willing to part with any amount of cash to make it my own. I’ll be putting this swiftly in my mounting “Festival Accessories That I Can Wear Drunk In A Field And Not Have To Care About Loosing Or Breaking” pile.


Poundland jewellery Black Metal Bracelet – £1.00

This is actually the second time I’ve bought this bracelet, which doesn’t initially say much for the longevity of delightful but cheap Poundland jewellery, however I did wear the old one every day for about six months before the band itself started to get loose and eventually one of the clasps broke. I always got a lot of compliments on this bracelet and became very confused and bewildered when I had to accessorize myself without it. Well now it’s back, and even if I only get another six months out of this one it will be worth every one of the hundred pennies it cost.

So there you have it, four pound well spent in my humble opinion. Have you tried any of the Poundland jewellery, and what do you think of the quality for such a low price?

Totally hellbent for being reunited with my favourite bracelet once more <3



January Sales Haul

January 9, 2015

January Haul001

You know when you probably shouldn’t go shopping but you do anyway? Well Pants and I decided that a touch of retail therapy would be the perfect pick-me-up when we went into the city to send my lovely boyfriend back to university in Holland after the winter holidays, in fact the proximity of Debenhams to the coach station means it was all sort of meant to be.

January Haul005

I knew right away that Christmas money would almost certainly be sent to the Urban Decay stand, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. Luckily Pants is the best friend in the world and already bestowed the gift of the Electric Palette on me for Christmas (as well as Naked 3 for my birthday last year – spoiled I know!) so it was a toss-up between 1 and 2. The extremely lovely and helpful lady at the UD stand swatched practically every colour in both palettes, despite the fact we must have poured over swatch posts for hours, and eventually we both left with a shiny new Naked 2 palette [£37.00] on the premise that we simply couldn’t live without the matte black shade. I also picked up this adorable Beauticology set [£2.50] at the counter which smells delicious and I want to eat it all right now.

January Haul003

I remembered I had some money left on a Boots card, so we went to take a peek there where I snatched up this Soap & Glory minis set for £5 [sold out online]. I already know I love all the products, and they will be stashed safely away for my next jaunt to the mainland saving me lots of precious bag space!

January Haul004I’m a true bargain lover at heart, so no trip to town would be complete without a a perusal of Poundland where we found a nice stash of Rimmel Apocalips! I already owned the other shades on the shelf so I thought I’d give Nude Eclipse [£6.49]  a try . I’ve also been really impressed by the new Make-Up Gallery range, and have really loved a few of the nail products so I went for this cuticle oil as mine are an absolute state after a Christmas full of construction work (more on that ambiguous statement in another post soon I’m sure!)

January Haul002

Finally the lure of Primark called out to us, where I composed myself like a proper grown up and definitely didn’t squee with delight at finding a My Little Pony T-shirt for only £3.00. I followed that with a little strop because I saw the The Beatles shirt for the same price, yet only in a size six…so I did what any experienced band t-shirt wearer did and bought it anyway with plans to alter it into a halter shirt.

Opperation: Shopping-trip-to-fill-the-space-my-boyfriend-leaves-with-pretty-stuff was a resounding sucess and hardly damaged my post-festive-season bank balance at all. From this point on thought there’s going to be a serious cosmetics/clothing spending ban whilst I try to recover from going a little overboard with spoiling my friends and family this year!

Did you find any amazing bargains in the sale, or treat yourself to anything particularly nice with Christmas money?

Totally hellbent for shopping with my bestie always and forever



Sunday Scents: Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

June 1, 2014
Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

Chupa Chups Strawberry Scented Candle

Being a vegetarian the sweets of my youth are often completely off limits due to frankly revolting ingredients of animal origin, but Chupa Chups fruit lollies are one of the treasured few that are not only vegetarian but vegan!  I’ve been able to continue loving Chupa Chups sugary scents (and flavours!) well into my cruelty free lifestyle so when I saw this candle in Poundland I knew it was definitely for me!

I wasn’t expecting too much from it, and it’s not the most fragrant candle I’ve ever used, but actually it has a gorgeous sugary strawberry scent that filled the room in a few minutes.

There was no burn time listed on the packaging, but it’s a decent 85g so should last out a good few hours – I’ve had it going since this morning and it’s got plenty of life left in it.

You’re not going to find the richest true scents in a candle that only costs £1.00, but if you want a quick sugary fix that is very reminiscent of the confectionery branding I’d definitely recommend checking this candle out.

Have you tried the Chupa Chups Strawberry candle, or any others from the range?

Totally hellbent for cheap thrills and sugary treats!

– Gem


Jess Glitter Nail Varnish – Rock Chick, Ibiza, Tiger Lily, Celebration & Alfresco

February 23, 2014

Jess Glitter Nail Varnish I’m a sucker for a bargain and can never resist poking my head in Poundland to see what manner of lovely things I can purchase for only one hundred shiny pennies. I often pick up Revlon and Sally Hansen polishes for a fraction of the RRP, but skip past the lesser known or own brands. I’ve never heard of Jess before, but the Poundland website tells me they are a new and exclusive range which would explain why I’ve not seen them anywhere else!

I wasn’t much interested in the display at all until the twinkling of the row of glitter polishes caught my eye! Cheaper glitter polishes tend to be lacking in pigment and are usually quite sparse but these look absolutely packed! I took my chances and picked up five colours (L-R) Rock Chick, Ibiza, Tiger Lily, Celebration and Alfresco 


Jess Rock Chick, Ibiza, Tiger Lily, Celebration & Alfresco


The swatches above are a single coat, and for a £1 varnish I don’t think you can ask for better than that! Tiger Lily is definitely packed with the most glitter, but as far as topcoats go, they all delivered a substantial finish.  They all applied easily and dried reasonably quickly too. I really can’t find complaint with these at all.Jesss nail varnish swatch glitter


After two coats they really came into their own!

Jess glitter  nail varnish

But if you’ve the patience for three coats you get something completely spectacular from a £1 varnish.

I will definitely be seeking out more of the glitter Jess range, and could probably be tempted to try some of the other finishes too.

Totally hellbent for bargain with a bang!

– Gem

Make-up, Nails

An Accidental Haul

October 24, 2013


We set out for our little shopping trip yesterday with a thrifty mindset and a small budget. Four hours later that all went out the window! We’ve added links where the items are available online, otherwise you’ll have to hit the highstreet and track them down yourself!

Red links are Amie’s treats and blue are Gemma’s treasure, black things we both picked up!

In our defence we did start off well so first up is the charity shop treasure we found. Our intention was to find things we could craftily turn into cake stands and we did at least succeed in that.




Candle stick – £1.50

Studded belt – £1.25

Glass plates – £1

After that it all started to go downhill (at least for our bank balances, our mood certainly went uphill!) when we dared to venture into Superdrug. 3 for 2 on cosmetics is too good of an offer to resist really isn’t it.



NYC Rock muse in Red hot – £1.99

NYC Rock muse in Gold Maiden – £1.99

NYC Rock muse in Rock Muse – £1.99 (Free)

NYC Disco Inferno top coat – £1.99

NYC In a New York Minute in Lexington Yellow – £1.79

NYC in a New York Minute in Prince Street – £1.79 (Free)


MUA Glamour Days eyeshadow palette – £4.00

MUA Stary Night eyeshadow palette – £4.00


MUA Pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit – £3.50 (Free)


MUA Heaven and Earth palette – £4.00

nyc nails

NYC in a new york minute in High Line Green – £1.79

NYC Foil Explosion in Magic Earth – £1.99 (free)

technic party brights in Sunset Strip – £0.99 (from Bodycare)


Vaseline Paint The Town – £3.49




It was a complete accident that we fell into Sallys and happened to find two OPI Rock Goddess sets.We’ve been lusting over this for ages and it’s always out of stock so we grabbed them gleefully and spent the next ten minutes talking ourselves out of getting the Mariah Christmas sets too (with a promise that we will get them next time…)

OPI Rock Goddess -£12.95

The poundland search for Revlon nail varnish came up trumps as always and we chose two gorgeous shades at a massive discount.


Revlon Scented Varnish in Grape Fizz – £1.00

Revlon Matte Suede in Fire Fox – £1.00

We then realized that all the charity shops were closed and that we had sort of diverted from our immediate task with the promise of cosmetics, so we decided a quick peek around home bargains might bring us some last minute treasure.


Gemspa body butter in Calming Amber – £0.99

Skull Halloween Shot Glasses

Halloween shot glasses – £0.59


Craft storage box – £0.59

Star cookie cutters – £0.99

Drawer dividers – £0.99

Seeing as we DID get what we set out for, and found a whole host of treasure all at super bargain prices I don’t think we did too badly! A whole bunch of swatches and reviews will be coming very soon!

Totally hellbent for shopping trips with a bad influence

– Gem & Pants




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Clothing and Fashion, Hair, Jewellery

Primark “Rock Chic” Accessory Haul!

September 30, 2013

Primark Accessories Rock Chick

I’d actually only planned on popping in to pick up some £5 fake uggs to laze about in, but I couldn’t help a tiny little look at the other bargains on offer!

Although I frown in despair when I see a fashionista sporting a bullet belt or a trvegrym band shirt that they’ve never heard of, I do love being able to pick up “alternative” accessories at high street prices!

Primark Opia bracelets

Okay so I only really wanted the black and silver spiked bracelets, but I will find some use for the others I’m sure!





Love this arrow necklace, especially with the very long chain. I bought this with idea of wearing it on stage, but I might have to watch out for how much it flails around when I’m headbanging!




I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up for a long time to try and make a sophisticated slick bun. Unfortunately they don’t come in blue so I settled for a black one!



Primark backcombing brush


I’ve been rocking the big textured hair look a lot recently, so I figured it was time to finally buy a back-combing brush to reach Motley Crue esque levels of volume!





Honorable mention goes to these two scarves I picked up in poundland. I’ve paid a fortune for similar styles in the past from festivals! They’re short enough that they can double as headbands or bandannas too!

£1.00 each


Totally hellbent for festival-esque shinies at highstreet prices

– Gem






Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer….in POUNDLAND?!

September 18, 2013


I love a bargain, and more and more often I seem to be finding cosmetics of high RRP in Poundland of all places! In the past few months I’ve found Sally Hanson, Revlon, Rimmel and Max Factor items all for only a pound, but this I think is the steal of the century!


The original price for these was around £15.50 each, so that’s £75-ish of make-up for a fiver!

I picked up (L-R) Vinyl black, Retro silver, Vintage metal, Bare silk and Gold velvet.

CK swatches

They all have the same creamy consistency, and give a sheer wash of colour, except for Vintage metal which is full of coppery metallic pigment and swatches very heavily. You can build the colour up, but I’ve found that they crease very easily is you apply too much product so would advise adding a primer underneath if you want to build a more solid look.

Not something I would pay the full whack for as I do tend to prefer good old fashioned powder or pressed eye-shadows, but for a bit of fun and something different it’s really worth keeping an eye out to see if you can get these for a bargain price!

Take a look in your local Poundland and see which colours you can pick up! If you have no luck, some shades are available at Fragrance Direct for £1.99!

Totally hellbent for designer labels at Poundland prices!

– Gem



Nails, NOTD

NOTD: Emagerd nail wraps how do these work arrrghhh!

September 18, 2013

As I sat down to do my nails today I thought…finally….at long last….today is the day I try nail wraps. I have quite a collection building up but I’m always too scared to  try the nicer ones out as they only have one use, and I don’t want to mess that one use up!

I grabbed these disco zebra offerings that I picked up in Poundland ages ago and tried to figure this wrap thing out.


Turns out it’s not as easy as it seems! Now I’m going to put this down to both the cheapness of the wraps and my inexperienced application. On reflection I should have trimmed quite a few of them down at the sides to make them fit the nail better – but at least I’ve learned for next time!

I doubt this shoddy application will last the day, but I do feel a bit braver about reaching for the Essie and Sally Hansen wraps in my nail drawer now.

Have any tips for a smoother application? Leave me a comment and help me on my journey to pretty nails!

Totally hellbent for “ooh at least they look shiny and pretty from afar!”

– Gem