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O.P.I Mariah Carey

December 11, 2013

As some of you may know, in August I left my full time job as a Community Psychiatric Nurse, to work from home as a web developer with my partner Brains at our web development company BIOSTALL. (Shameless plug I know!)

My new career means I spend a lot of time building websites, but it also means my friends and family get to take advantage of this for ridiculously discounted prices. My latest site outside of work was for Solihull Rock School, a joint venture between Gem and her mum. Anyway, I finally finished the bulk of this and have handed it over to the guys ready for when they launch their new site, and to say thankyou they bought me this:

opi christmas liquid sand

Some of you may remember my Oct/Nov most wanted that featured this exact set, so I’m sure you can imagine my squeel of delight when they cunningly unveiled this and presented it forth. I felt like I was receiving an award at TV ceremony.

The Mariah Carey set comes in three colours:

  • Emotions – a reflective black
  • I’ts frost outside – a gorgeous shimmering silver
  • Kiss me at midnight – a very Christmas-esque blue

opi christmas swatch


The photo’s really do not do these justice. I was completely blown away by how beautiful these are and they are so sparkly! The only downside to this, is that it makes me want to complete the Liquid Sand collection.

One of my biggest gripes about using “glitter” style varnishes is that I hate removing it from my nails. Having used the black and silver together recently, I was a little concerned about removing it, however with the help of my trust Bourjois nail varnish pot, I soaked each finger and it came off fine. I have -never- been so impressed by a nail varnish as I am with these.

You can pick up these set’s in a few places between £9-£15 but they are also available on ASOS for only £9.00!

Totally hellbent for sparkly festive nails