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Latest in Beauty – Little Beauty Box

July 18, 2013

LIB little beauty box


I love my beauty boxes, but sometimes waiting a whole month for the next one can be so tedious! Latest in Beauty offer two different types of box that offer some much needed “ooooh a shiny box” in between Glossybox and Birchbox deliveries.

Firstly are their LIB collections, themed sets of pre-determined products where you can see exactly what you are going to get before ordering. The collections are usually somewhere between £7-£20 depending on the nature of the theme, but often sell out very quickly! Amie got her hands on the Glamour Beauty Edit which you can read about here.

Second is the package than popped through my letterbox this morning, the Little Beauty Box.


LIB box


The Little Beauty Box consists of three small samples, and as with the LIB collections you get to see what you will receive in advance, in fact you get to pick which products you want before committing to the box. There is no recurring subscription as payment is taken via a premium text message for £1.50.

Here’s what I chose.


Liz earle LIB box


Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate 

With an ingredient list that is almost entirely natural essential oils I had to give this a shot. The concentrate is a aromatic oil intended for use as part of the evening skincare routine, and proclaims to clear toxins, reduce puffiness, boost circulation, encourage cell renewal and aid lymphatic drainage.

It smells gorgeous and is a generous 2ml vial of sample, so enough for a few nights at least.


Lavera LIB box

Lavera Liposome Intensive Cream

Again, it was the organic, natural ingredients that drew me towards picking a wrinkle cream that I don’t really need. I received three 1ml sachets, yet somehow they aren’t nearly as exciting as the lovely packaging from Liz Earle.

Curiosity made me open one straight away and the rose scent is just gorgeous, it did feel a little too greasy for my skin, however I will be donating these to Amie’s somewhat dryer skin where I think they will find a happier home!


Aveda LIB box

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner

You can opt for one of your samples to be a surprise, and with nothing in the third option making me particularly excited that’s what I went for.

These cute little 10ml tubes smell absolutely amazing, and if my hair takes a liking to them I just might have to go for a full sized based on that alone!


You can order a LIB little beauty box here for £1.50.

Totally hellbent for smelling like a herb garden thanks to my organic picks!

– Gem