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Honeymania Range The Body Shop

October 5, 2013


After seeing this pop up and becoming ever more envious when beauty bloggers from around the UK were posting pictures of their new hoard, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to grab the Shower Gel, Body Butter and Body Scrub.

Being a bit of  Body Shop fanatic, I wasn’t overly worried about the products being great, but I was in two minds about what the fragrance would be like – after all – honey is a bit of a strange thing to smell of right?

As per usual, it arrived promptly within the next few days, was packaged in a lovely reusable little brown box (this is the least I’ve ever ordered online!) and I couldn’t wait to crack it open. The body butter I tried straight away, lovely and thick it applied nicely as do all of the body butters in their range. I have to say, I was surprised at how moisturising it was and my skin felt soft for most of the day. I was definitely impressed and am thinking about switching to this from my Vitamin E range … I know right!

My only downside to The Body Shop, is that some of their body scrubs and polishes don’t make me feel as though I’ve exfoliated. The best by far is the Chocomania and the Shea butter scrubs and I absolutely adore these. Although the Honeymania scrub isn’t as course, it made me feel very hydrated. It felt more like an exfoliating body butter due to it’s thickness and was so luxuriously creamy that I kind of wanted to have another shower just so I could use it again.

Finally, the body wash – which cleaned me – there’s not much else I can say on this, other than it didn’t dry my skin out despite being fragranced. Which by the way, is beautiful. It smells of honey, but not in a weird way, it can not be explained, which means you will probably have to try it for yourself!

Overall I am well chuffed with this, usually when buying new items I like to smell and test them before purchase, but luckily The Body Shop once again outdid themselves.

Totally hellbent for ad-hoc internet purchases