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Avon Naturals Chamomile and Aloe Vera Care and Repair Conditioning Balm

September 23, 2013

avon hair

I put my hair through hell with the amount of bleach and dye it takes to keep it this blue, so I turn to nourishing treatments for damaged hair at least once a week to try and keep it in good condition.

If you’ve ever had extreme hair colour (or style for that matter – mohawks do a hell-a-lot-a damage too!) you will be familiar with the dry ends, dull colour fade and other assorted unwanted side effects of fabulous hair.

On a day to day basis I use Aussie Three Minute Miracle to combat these symptomswhich if I’m honest in my opinion is the single best conditioner on the market (and well deserving of a blog all about it..soon!) but sometimes I need a little extra kick to stop my hair drying out.

I picked up the Avon Naturals Chamomile and Aloe Vera Care and Repair Conditioning Balm (what a mouthful!) for only £1 on special offer and was really surprised with the results I got for such a low cost.

The balm has a much silkier and thinner texture than I would have expected, and was doubtful of it’s results when I was applying it because of this. The scent was very light and natural and it didn’t feel at all like the usual thick and heavy intensive conditioners I’ve used before. The results however were amazing! My hair is shiny, silky and healthy looking with no styling, and retains a slight hint of the lovely (and very natural) scent.

I used about half a tub in one application, but I do have very long hair so that’s a little more acceptable. If you have shorter or finer hair I imagine you would easily get 4-8 uses out of the tub – but then at such a low price you could use the whole thing and you’d still be getting better value than most intensive hair treatments!

Available from Avon for only 99p (125ml) or £2.50 from your local Avon rep.

Totally hellbent for a scrimping but amazing hair care solution

– Gem