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New Avon perfumes 2014 – “Our Story For Her” and “Femme”

February 2, 2014

Avon Our Story for her and Femme perfume


Avon seem to have a new perfume launch every campaign at the moment, but these two are my favourite picks of the bunch by a mile! I find that Avon fragrance can be a bit hit and miss, especially with the older scents that seem to all smell very similar to me. The newer lines seem to be vastly improved on the classics though, and if you’re looking for purse friendly fragrance with some personality I think you’d do well to take a peek (or a sniff!) at either of these two.


Avon Our Story for her


Our Story For Her is part of a very Valentines-ey duo (The other fragrance being the somewhat obviously Our Story For Him). Described as “A romantic blend of sparkling bergamot, sensual jasmine and creamy vanilla”  you’d be hard pushed to pick up the boasted citrus tones, as this is heavily leaning towards the Vanilla base.

For me though, it is the heavy vanilla that makes it so appealing. I’ve always been a fan of very sweet scents, and this is the fragrance equivalent of a candy shop.

Currently on special offer in the Avon webstore for only £5.00!



Avon femme


Avon Femme is the newest Avon fragrance at the time of publishing and described as “Pink grapefruit and luscious pear glitter against gardenia blossom, magnolia and waterlilly, and diffuse down into warm amber woods”. I will say that this is a much more complex fragrance than Our Story For Her, and strikes me as being much more mature. It’s a very pretty scent, fruity and feminine without being too sweet or girly. The bottle is very pretty also and wouldn’t look out of place next to far higher price fragrances.

I’d definitely recommend it for those who are after a feminine fragrance that is grown up but still with hints of a fun, flirty undertone.

Avon Femme will be available from the next campaign at the introductory price of £15.00

Totally hellbent for fabulous fragrance that doesn’t break the bank!

– Gem