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Trial By “Sweating”

July 14, 2013



This evening I went to see Blood Red Throne, Flayed Disciple and our good friends Kataleptic. It’s been a scorching hot day but despite this, I thought I would try out some new products. I was originally going to write about this pre gig, but I’m glad I waited!



So this is my face pre gig, before leaving the house.


And here the low down on what I used:


This was the first time I used the elf primer and I have to say, my face felt absolutely glorious! Due to my slightly tanned face at this time of year, I mixed my moisturiser in with my foundation and have used three different shades for some light coverage. Unfortunately my usual alabaster look doesn’t work when the sun comes out! Also, the Olay foundation – which is amazing – is so old that I don’t think they even make this any more, so if anyone does find it, please let me know! MUA blusher too – enough said really and I absolutely love their new shades. They are very pigmented so only a little bit is needed else you run the risk of looking like a china doll!


The Maybelline eye shadow was a first try, I absolutely love this colour. As I have brown/hazel eyes, green is a really good shade for me but I thought this was quite subtle compared to some shades. I blended it with the sparkly grey colour from my elf eye shadow in the crease of my eyes just to finish this off. I usually use liquid eyeliner after my eyeshadow, and since Gem has been raving about the Eyeko Mini Liquid Eyeliner pen so much, I gave it a whirl. Oh my god!!! Where has this product been all my life? I have used a pen only once but it dried up very quickly, but this went on flawlessly, I didn’t have to keep going over my line to darken it and it was so easy to apply. I really hope this lasts longer than most because I have definitely found my new eyeliner love.

So the jelly pong pong mascara is one I have been using for a while. Perfect, clump free lashes for both a dramatic and subtle look depending on how you layer this. I combined this with my first ever use of false eyelashes. I had every intention of taking them off before I went out, but I loved how they looked so much! I can’t believe how easy they were to apply and I was absolutely convinced they would have come off by the end of the night.


This is my staple eyebrow product. If I don’t have any make up on, I at least have this! My eyebrows are quite light and it looks very strange as though I have no eyebrows if I don’t go over them. This is by far, the best I have found to match my natural eyebrow shade. I usually mix both colours together as well.


I don’t usually wear lipliner, but as it was so hot I wanted a nice defined line so my lipstick wouldn’t run. I have to say this was a nice subtle colour and went very well with my lipstick.

The lipstick is from my latest elf haul (a complete accident – Gemma definitely encouraged me to buy makeup …), I am always searching for lovely subtle colours for when I don’t want to wear a bright red shade. I have a feeling this is going to become a regular choice for me.

Anyway, after completing my face and heading to the gig, I was a little concerned as to how I would look by the end of it. It was so hot, that the sweat was literally dripping off people. In fact, half way through the night even the ladies were suffering and nearly everyone looked as though they had been doused with a hose pipe. There was eyeliner and mascara everywhere! Dreading the moment I looked in the mirror, once the gig was over, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that I still looked marginally acceptable. Even my eyelashes stayed on!

Here is my post gig face, completely unedited, a bit red, but overall pretty damn good! (look how amazing the eyeliner is!!!)


So all in all, a successful night of metal, friends and faces of all varieties.

Totally hellbent for post gig makeup winning