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Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix and other lovely treats!

October 17, 2013


It’s rather handy to have a different skin type to your best friend. I have very greasy skin and Amie very dry so when freebies or bonuses come our way we can have a nice switch-around.

I am now the happy owner of the Nip + Fab Shine Fix, Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix, Avon Naturals Lilly and Gardenia Body Whip and a little sample of The Body Shop warming mineral mask.

I want to give the Shine Fix a good few days to try out, so I’ll have a review on that sometime next week. The Body Whip is a product we both use a lot, but Amie didn’t like the fragrance of this one so I’m going to swap a cherry one that I ended up with two of.

Amie is going to be reviewing the facemask on Friday, so look out for that. I’m guessing it’s going to come highly recommended!

Nib + Fab Dry hand Cream Pistachio

Which brings us to the Nip + Fab Dry Hand Fix. I’ve been aghast ever since the Pistachio body butter was discontinued, and actually got to the point where I’ve been craving the scent! Amie HATES the smell, but received it as part of a special offer on the Nip + Fab website so yay for me it’s now mine!

It takes a lot for me to be drawn away from my favourite L’Occitane hand creme (which you can currently get for free with Marie Claire!), but today I’ve not reached for it once. In fact I don’t think I will reach for it until I’ve used this all up!

As far as doing it’s actual job, the Dry Hand Fix does exactly what is says. It’s very moisturising but not greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves hands feeling very very soft. For me though it is ALL about the delicious pistachio and almond scent, and though I still miss the body butter this is fulfilling that craving till I can track some down!

Available for £4.50 from Nip + Fab

Totally hellbent for surprise treats!

– Gem




Thanks Mister Postman – Nip + Fab

September 19, 2013

dry leg skin fix

I recently tried out the Nip + Fab dry leg fix, after bagging some with a magazine.

I love this so much that when it was gone, I had to order some more! At the same time, I accidentally ordered the Skin Fix Web Exclusive Kit for £7.99 not to mention that it was also 20% off too. About two days ago, my order came. Instead of my dry leg fix, I ended up with dry hand fix! Feeling annoyed that the one thing I desperately wanted from the order, was the one they had sent the wrong thing for, I dropped them an e-mail.

dry leg

This morning, the postman came again and delivered yet another shiny black box, which had my dry leg fix in!!! This is the second customer complaint I’ve had this week and the second time it has been resolved completely in my favor, so Nip + Fab, I love you and your speedy rectification of my product purchased!

Looking forward to trying out the Skin Fix Kit too.

Totally hellbent for ending up with more than I  bargained for