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Almost-free bargain eye-shadow storage

October 1, 2013

Bargain make-up organizer


I’m feeling very pleased with myself right now. I’ve spent a fortune on pots and drawers and organizers and dressing tables and all sorts of things to try and keep my large make-up collection easy to navigate, but one thing always seems to be all over the place and that is my single eye-shadows. I have three drawers worth of theses and sadly they are mostly neglected in favour of palettes as they are a mess!

The answer to my problem came in the simplest of places – this plastic divider came from some cherry tomatoes from my local Tesco!

Bargain make-up organizer 2

I’ll be saving these up for a little while to organize my whole stash, and as I’ll be eating the yummy tomatoes too it’s practically free!

Totally Hellbent for frugal solutions!

– Gem

Clothing and Fashion, Jewellery

Shirley Carnival Spoils!

July 14, 2013

A large part of my job as the co-owner of a part time music school involves hanging around at carnivals, fetes and other community events promoting the joys of learning music, so of course I take up every opportunity I can to peruse the plethora of craft, jewellery, organic and plant stalls that often crop up at such events!

Yesterday was Shirley Carnival and it was blisteringly hot so I only had one quick sprint around, however there were three shiny treasure (or jewellery to those without a magpie-esque addiction to all things shimmery!) stalls and I bought something from each of them!

Not only did I get the lovely feeling from supporting other small business owners but i also got a massive bargain on all counts.

Flower earrings £2.00

Pandora-esque bracelets (a blue one for me and a red one for Amie too of course!) £1.50 each

Blue flower pin £3.50

shirly carnival earings Shirly carnival spoils bracelets Shirly carnival spoils scarf pin


So, yes, obviously they aren’t going to look very suitable with a Gorgoroth shirt, but I’ll definitely be indulging my girly side to team them with a few summer dresses (whilst listening to Gorgorth)

Totally hellbent for summery costume jewellery!

– Gem