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Avon Shine Attract Lipstick


Avon Shine Attract Lipstick in “Passionate Red”

January 7, 2014

avon red lipstick

I’ve been lusting after this colour for a while, like I do with all red lipsticks I eventually relented and purchased this from Avon whilst it was on special offer for just £5.00.


When swatched, it’s not quite as red as I hoped, however whilst on it’s a little brighter and something that I can easily get away with wearing during the day. The lipstick itself is surrounded by an outer gel layer which is supposed to give a satin shine without the stickiness, I have to admit I’d probably agree with this, the shine was nice and it wasn’t too sticky. Unfortunately, this gel layer does make it hard to apply well and it took some practice before I a) managed to get full coverage over my lips and b) avoided getting lipstick all over my face. That aside, full marks for packaging since that is one of the things I was drawn to most whilst lusting!

Not one of the best lipstick’s I’ve bought, but I will certainly get some use out of it and I quite like the subtlety of this shade despite it supposedly being red.

The Shine Attract Lipstick range from Avon is currently £8.50, a little overpriced if I’m being completely honest although that’s only based on my opinion of this one shade. You can check out the rest of their range here online.

Totally hellbent -unfortunately- for anything that even resembles red when it comes to lipstick.