Superdrugs Colour performance permanent creme colour.

July 21, 2013

superdrug blonde

Since hair dye day was fast approaching, I stood for at least 10 minutes in Superdrug looking for my usual blonde to lighten my roots. Normally a user of Live colour foam, much to my dismay, they had sold out. So it was either pay an extortionate price of £7.99 for L’Oreal or something equally expensive, or try out this Superdrug blonde for less than a fiver – meaning I could spend the money I saved on more shinies!

Always up for trying new products, I put this on Friday night. In terms of coverage and application, it actually went on quite well.

I left it on for the stated length of time but instead of the usual “white blonde” I get, I ended up with a dark ash blonde. The longer I left it, the more it did nothing until eventually I had to wash it off.

The colour wasn’t -too- bad although much darker than usual. It was only when I put the red over the top the following day, that I noticed it wasn’t applying as well as it usually does.

Now my roots look a lot darker than usual and the coverage of the directions hair dye was not good at all! I had almost reserved myself to the fact that it may just be a “bad batch” until I turned up at Gem’s house, and her roots were exactly the same!

I am severely disappointed in this product and will not be using it again. If you want that all over dark ash blonde look, then I’m sure this is the one for you, but lightening your roots for more extreme hair colours I would steer well clear of this. I will most definitely be returning to my Live colour mousse.

Totally hellbent for stress free hair dye days


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