Rotterdam Spoils

December 18, 2013

Gem and I recently hopped across the channel for a long weekend in Rotterdam. Gem went to see her partner and Brains and I decided to attend the Rotterdam Deathfest.

Besides the bonus of feasting on cheese and Stroopwaffles whilst on the mainland, Gem and I had a gleeful skip to their local “Superdug-esque” store “Etos”. Many shiny things live there, but the shiniest of them all is probably their Etos nail varnishes at a mere €2.50 euros.


Unable to resist such a juicy offer, I restricted myself to two new nail varnishes – a light blue and white, perfect for some festive nail art:

Coverage is great with these and I could have got away with just one coat of the blue, so if you are ever near and “Etos” I would definitely recommend checking out their stuff. They have a vast array of colours to choose from as well as lots of shiny glittery top coats and mosaic effect varnishes.

Totally hellbent for mainland spoils




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