MUA Up All Night Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

April 10, 2014


MUA Up All Night Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

MUA Up All Night Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches


A One Direction palette on HBFL? Sacrilege! Minus fifty krieg points!

This collection came out last year much to the excitement of far too many people who need more Norwegian black metal in their lives (shame on you!). I was pretty put off by the 1D branding for the longest time, but then I stopped to take a look at the colours (and realised the only 1D reference was on a sticker!) and soon enough it was in my basket.

The Up All Night palette comes in the usual MUA  black plastic packaging which is more than sturdy enough to leave on the dressing table, but doesn’t stand up to much if you plan on taking it out and about. I’m very happy to say that the back of the packaging has a plan of the palette with the names of each shade (the older palettes have numbered shades instead) as well as a few suggestions on how to wear the colours, which is a nice touch for the teeny market this is aimed at.


MUA Up all night palette back


The usual sponge applicator is included, but honestly ladies if you don’t have make-up brushes you are better off using your fingers!

Alright, onto the colours! There are ten shimmer finish shades in the Up All Night palette that lean towards metallic, one of my favourites, Love, has a glitter finish too. The only colour I was disappointed in was Debut, as it just didn’t apply very well. All the other shades are very pigmented and have a lovely creamy texture. We’re not talking the best eye-shadow in the world, but I challenge anyone to find better shimmer eye-shadows in this price range!

With a primer you can expect the colours to last out the day (or the night!) with minimal creasing.

And now the best bit – onto the lovely shimmery swatches!

MUA up all night swatches 1

MUA up all night swatches 2

MUA up all night swatches 3MUA up all night swatches 4MUA up all night swatches 5

If you’re after some cheap yet impressive brights, this palette is definitely for you! Another winner from MUA in my book! Unfortunately  I don’t think this is available online any-more, but I’ve seen them in-store at most Superdrugs still, and you can find them knocking around on Ebay too!

Totally hellbent for taking off that pesky 1D sticker!

– Gem

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