Hail and Kill!

May 16, 2013

Hail and kill welcome to Hellbent for Lipstick!

HBFL was founded by us, Pants and Gem, best friends who share a passion for heavy metal, fabulous make-up and a cruelty free lifestyle.

Our lives stem around the metal community, playing and attending gigs and festivals and also getting to know likeminded people. We play in a Prog-Power metal band called Dakesis that you should definitely check out!

We are passionate about image but sometimes struggle to maintain this when make-up brands and fashion change their lines to suit current mainstream trends. We believe black eyeliner and red lipstick should -always- be in fashion.

This is our very own little corner of the internet, where we will share with you hints, tips and reviews, thoughts on the metal scene and community and open the door on our own heavy metal lifestyle and fashion.

So, browse, share and enjoy! If there is something you would really -Love- us to blog about, get in touch!

– Totally Hellbent for Lipstick

Gem and Pants x



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