ETOS Feather Effect Nail Polish in Blue Bird and Purple Bird

June 4, 2014

ETOS Feather Nail Polish Purple Bird Blue Bird

If you read a lot of our posts you will no doubt know that I have a long distance relationship with a delectable Dutch man, which means I often just pop over to the continent (Sounds very swish and glamorous when I put it like that!) for mini breaks to see him. Of course I take a keen interest in Holland’s cosmetics, and of the few I’ve actually tried this brand is my favourite.

Etos  is the Dutch the equivalent of Boots  or Superdrug, selling drugstore to mid-range cosmetics  on every other street corner. I’ve got quite a few different colours and finishes from their range and they all cost a bargainous  €2.00 –  €3.50. I picked up Blue Bird  and Purple Bird  on special offer so got both for  €3.00. 

I’m really into my glittery nails but I’m trying to ease off the all-over-in-your-face-sparkle-argh-you’re-burning-my-eyes-with-your-disco-ball-nails, so I’ve been flittering around with a couple of Barry M  confetti polishes and decided I could definitely add to my “subtle glitter” nail collection.

Blue Bird  and Purple Bird  are both clear polishes with rectangle slithers of glitter. The swatches below are only one coat, so I theorize that each pot will last approximately forever…


ETOS Feather Nail Polish Purple Bird Blue Bird


The drying time was very quick,and the bonus with such glittery topcoats is that you (usually…hopefully!) get a few extra days out of your manicure because the clear polish adds a layer of protection over the colour beneath.

I got five days out of this stuff on my nails, not bad for a budget own-brand!

Unfortunately Etos polishes aren’t available in the UK, but everyone knows someone off on a weekend trip to Amsterdam, right?

Volledig hel gebogen voor mijn nederlands pools collectie (en de nederlandse vriendje is niet slecht;))

– Gem


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